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What Are You Doing This Earth Month?

By Super Admin

The month of April has several other important things to it's name other than April Fools Day. April is celebrated as the Earth Month. A whole month which is dedicated to Earth, the planet which we live in, the planet which at present is sick due to the tortures which it has and is going through at present.

In the Earth Month, the citizens of this planet pledge to restore the negative activities and work towards the development and betterment of nature. This has to be much more than just planting trees and keeping the environment clean. This month consists of three special days Earth Hour, Earth Week and Earth Day.

Earth Hour – Earth Hour aims towards reducing Global Warming. The Earth Hour is observed on the 26th of March. On this day at 8:30 PM for one hour, all the lights are switched off, each citizen on this Earth is asked to switch off lights and burn a candle. Electricity is one of the major cause of Global warming. The practice of switching off the lights for one hour is an attempt to check global warming.

Earth Week – The Earth Week is celebrated from the 15th to 22nd April and this time period is basically used to spread awareness about ways to protect the Earth. Several organisations come up with talks by famous environmentalists, several others take up initiative etc.

Earth Day – The Earth Day of the Earth Month is a day dedicated to reflect on our contribution to the Earth in this special month. What have you done to keep the planet healthy? In educational institutions, offices everywhere people take initiative to make this planet a healthy place to live in.

On this Earth Month what are your doing? It does not matter if you are not part of a big organisation or a committee. Do it in your own way and influence others to follow it. Here is what you can do -

1.The recent rule of using only plastics which have been certified by the government, is a great step taken towards a more clean planet, but still there will be people who are using the old harmful plastic. Raise a voice to this malpractice.

2.Be self sufficient. With growing population, more land is being used for fertilisation and over use of a piece of land can make it barren. Thus, why not have your own kitchen garden? Grow what you can and become self sufficient.

3.Stop using chemicals. Chemicals in any form, in the form of shampoo, beauty products etc, finally goes back to the soil, when you wash them, thus polluting the soil. Thus, use herbal products. Herbal products are made of natural products.

4.Cut down on usage of electricity. Don't use electricity when not required. Electricity is one of the major cause of global warming, which on the other hand leads to several other environmental disasters.

Do you have other ideas for celebrating the Earth Month?

Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2011, 10:25 [IST]
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