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Nine Strange Laws In The World

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

If you thought that laws were made to make life easy then these will surely make you think again. Here are a list of weird and strange laws which are practiced around the World.

1.Say No To Chewing Gum – Drivers in Denmark are supposed to keep their headlights on while driving not only in the night but also in the day. According to authorities, this has helped in preventing accidents.

2.Twins Not Allowed In China – This strange law was introduced in China by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979, to check population growth. 35.9% of the Chinese population is still subject to this law.

3.Jeans Not Allowed For Girls – A strange law issued in France in the year 1800, prohibited girls to wear pants. It was later revised in 1900 and now, French girls are allowed to wear pants only when they are riding bicycle

4.Don't Use Change – Canada was introduced with this strange law in 1985, which said customers can't pay coins for the whole price of a good. At present the law has reduced it's severity. Shopkeepers may or may not accept coins but they cannot be forced.

5.Pink Shorts Denied – In Australia, girls can go around in shorts but not if it is pink in colour. You have to pay a fine if you do.

6.Do Not Kiss – Kissing is not allowed in England and France especially on stations. This is because they cause train delays. No fine is yet levied but you may face strong opposition from the cop.

7.Don't Jump In London – If you are standing on the terrace of your building, then be aware of policemen. A strange law in New York says that if you are suspected of suicide by jumping from the building then the punishment is death.

8.Kiss On Condition – In Lowa, you can kiss your man in public only if he is clean shaved. Kissing a man with mustache is illegal.

9.Moaners Should Starve - In Massachusetts, moaners meals are restricted to three sandwiches. Eating more would be considered a criminal offense.

Most of these strange laws are age old practices which has not been revised but need it terribly. It seems it's important to carry a guide of general and strange laws to be able to make a successful trip.

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Story first published: Friday, August 20, 2010, 12:25 [IST]
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