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Women At 40

By Super Admin

The age 40 is a of great significance to a women. 40 is an age when she is not old enough to accept wrinkles and not young enough to party all night but she is matured enough to lead a free life. By the age of 40, Indian women will have seen all the colours of life and now decides take a break.

Modern trends in lifestyle have shown that women in 40s are confident, successful and leading a great life – mentally and physically. Sexual Physician also say that at 40 women reinvent their sexual side. When children are growing up, mother does not generally want to get indulged in sex but with independent children, she would like to look back at her younger self and relive it. Doctors say that women at 40 perform much better on bed than they did in their younger age.

40 can also be a turbulent time as many might have started their Menopause or are on the verge of it. This is the time of hormonal changes which come hand in hand with irritation and tension.

Women also look their best at 40. When we are young, we are busy experimenting with our looks but at 40 you know how to carry yourself, what looks great at you and what can get you the comment of, 'you don't look 40 at all'.

We at the same time cannot deny that at 40 oldage creeps in. For women, the bone enlargement is a common factor. The bone become broader making you look fatter even with perfect fat content in the body. The waistline tends to get worse at 40. This needs to be checked and yoga is the best solution. Slight lines on face is also not surprising. But some visits to the parlour can hold those lines till some more years.

The society has grown to accept pregnancy at 40 as well though doctors don't advice it and stick to early 20's to be the best age for pregnancy. But now a days career comes first and so babies come late. Though there are complications but it's still possible.


1. Increase intake of calcium.

2. Regular practice of Yoga for a great figure.

3. Cut on calories

4. Avoid regular sex. You may put on weight.

5. Avoid pregnancy

6. Eat fruits to avoid wrinkles

7. Avoid tight jeans but skin fit jackets are fine

So, if you are 40, it's the time to relive your youth all over again. Make the best out of it.

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Story first published: Monday, August 2, 2010, 13:14 [IST]
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