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Stress Relief On Holiday

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Holidays are the best stress buster but only if you know how to leave your stress behind. Stress relief during holiday sometimes may seem to be a very difficult task specially for those who feel lonely and anxious during holidays.

E. Christine Moll, of the Canisius College in Buffalo, said suicide rates rise 10 percent during the season.

She noted that there are three areas that can trigger holiday stress or depression:

1. Relationships – Relationship can be a source of stress relief when they are pleasant but if they are not then nothing can get you more stressed than relations. During holidays when the whole house is packed with relatives, family conflicts and misunderstanding are bound to happen.

2. Finances – Holidays are for enjoying without any bindings but at the same time finance cannot be ignored. Overspending can be a major source of stress during holidays.

3. Physical demands – Holidays, specially the one which includes social gathering, adventurous trips etc, can leave a person exhausted.

However, E. Christine Moll, has suggested some stress relief tips to cure holiday.

1.Acknowledge your feelings – Sometimes holidays can also come on the occasion of distress. Like on a death of a relative. At this time, the only way to stress relief is to let go of your emotions. Cry out as you are feeling bad, don't keep it in. Acknowledge your feelings for stress relief.

2.Be realistic – 'Cut your cloth according to your cloth,' remember this saying when you are planning for a holiday. Don't make plans which your can't afford. It will only leave you depressed.

3.Set differences aside – Take holiday as a chance to solve all difference between the family. Generally family problems are only because of misunderstanding on minor issues. All it needs is mature approach.

4.Stick to a budget – Enjoy but don't go overboard. Set a budget before hand and work accordingly. While preparing the budget, set a some money for emergency and don't use it up for shopping. This money will help you in time of need and if not used, then can be your saving from the holiday.

5.Learn to say no – No, is not a bad word. Most of the time, we tend to cross our budget because of friends who insist. Say, no, when you can't. No, sometimes is good word. It can save you from all trouble. No, won't break your friendship, it will only make your stand clear.

E. Christine Moll says that only way to stress relief is to know what is creating he stress. She says, "Accept that things aren't always going to go as planned. Then take active steps to manage stress and depression during the holidays. You may actually enjoy the holidays this year more than you thought you could. Just remember, for the holidays and beyond...Practice Safe Stress!" she said.

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Story first published: Monday, November 15, 2010, 10:50 [IST]
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