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The Story Of An Unluckiest Motorist

By Devaki

It is about John Child, a British motorist who had to go through five car crashes, three hit-and-runs and a struck by a bus while cycling.

In the last ten years, Child had been in ten accidents and he had to fight to clear his name in every case, after being accused of being at fault. He had suffered from whiplash, severe bruising all over the body and even a torn shoulder ligament. He has also had to fork out for more than 4,500 pounds for the repairs of his cars and bike.

The catalogue of disasters started on January 24th 1999, when a woman pulled out and drove into the passenger side of his VW Golf as he drove across a roundabout. Child says that he had been driving since he was 18, for 28 safe years. He says that he had never been accused of even a collision, till that incident. But he did not think that it will be a shower of accidents that awaited him in the nearby future.

The 45 years old mechanical design engineer from Milton Keynes, claims himself as Britain's unluckiest motorist. He says that he is scared to leave home, as he has even been moved down on a zebra crossing.

"I've seen my doctors so many times now after crashes I've told them I'm allergic to cars," reveals this cursed motorist.

To add to his woes, the tragic autoist was made redundant from his job at Jaguar in Warwickshire last year.

"I used to cycle 25 miles in the evening after work to clear my head, but I've given that up now. It's just not safe to cycle on the roads anymore. I still can''t work out why this keeps happening to me," says this out-of-luck person.

Colour-blind Child could clear his name in nine out of the ten disputes but is still fighting a legal battle from an incident which happened in March, last year.

Now he hopes that his luck is finally about to change as he has now received a job offer from the company he was working with. He will return to Jaguar later this year.

"It's great news getting my job back. I hope this means my luck is turning. After everything that's happened to me, I'm lucky to be alive," adds Child.

Story first published: Monday, April 26, 2010, 11:11 [IST]
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