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Shake Hands Over The Net!

By Devaki

Shaking hands over the net can soon be a possibility in the future. Hongkong scientists have developed a cyber hand which allow the relatives or acquaintances to hold hands with loved ones, over the net!

The robotic hand can be plugged into a computer, which will communicate with an electronic wrist band. It will allow people talking over the net to experience the sensation of touch. The hand can be gripped and shaked, where as it is also able to convey the signs for “OK" or “V" for victory.

The cyber hand can pick up the strength of the hand movement including a weak or a firm handshake.

“At this moment the function is not perfect and it can't copy exactly, partly because the robot hand is different from the human hand in terms of the degree of freedom of movement it has," says Liu Yunhui, the Professor from Chinese University of Hong Kong, who led the research.

"There are also a few errors such as delays in processing and mechanical problems. But in the future it will be possible to produce more sophisticated and more dextrous movements," Yunhui adds.

The new gadget is expected to hit the stores by next Christmas, for a price of 20 pounds each.

Story first published: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 15:52 [IST]
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