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Wear Your Right Attitude

By Gowrish Babu

Attitude, the most important part of a person"s personality, is present in everybody but most of us don"t have the right attitude. Right attitude is the combination of several factors but most of the time, attitude is taken to be arrogance or showing off superiority. A right attitude is none of these, rather, it is devoid of these two factors.

Factors of Right Attitude -

1. Positivity – Positivity in life is the main factor which adds on to one"s attitude. Positivity will help you in finding a bright side of everything. Looking at the bright side, helps a person to be optimistic and to hold on to hope. If a person is hopeful, he can work on the right course of action and thus be successful.

2. Control On Emotions – Most of the time we give away to emotions, which shows our weak side to the world. On giving away to emotions, one looses the ability to make right decisions. At that time decisions are made from heart rather than by mind. Most of the time emotional decisions are not right. Decisions has to be in accordance to both mind and heart. There are times when you feel like crying or shouting out in anger but the advice to control it. Anger specially makes a person blind. You can say and do something at this point which can be used against you later. Thus, don"t let your anger out. Try to calm down by just moving out of that place or just take three deep breaths.

3. Think Before You Speak – When you speak, the world should listen. This will happen only when you say the right thing. To say the right thing you need to evaluate the occasion. Speak less observe more. This will help your read minds and their possible view on the topic. Speak only when you are sure, give reasons to your decision and speak in a tone which is authoritative, calm and pleasant.

4. Respect others – This is where the difference between attitude and arrogance occurs. Respect others and their decisions. Remember, the other person is never inferior to you. Be open to learn and be polite to everyone. This will make you favourite among every group which opens doors for you to learn. There is something to learn from everyone.

5. Maintain A Distance – No one is more important to you than yourself. Your self-respect is your first priority. If you believe in it, it will show in your attitude. You should have a circle around you where no one is and will be allowed ever. Your decisions, your rules should never be debated on. Maintain a certain distance with everyone. Coming too close might demand a change in you.

Wear your right attitude. This helps in making your presence felt even in a crowd and right attitude also charms people around you.
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Story first published: Monday, October 4, 2010, 9:52 [IST]
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