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How To Make Fast Money?

By Denise Baptiste

Money, the next most important thing after happiness. Rather, happiness these days rests on money as well. To enjoy money we need to earn it but earning has certain parameters like experience, which again takes few years. How about making fast money? It is the secret question which everyone asks themselves but the solution mostly rests on illegal activities. Well, here is the answer of how to make fast money, 'legally'.

How To Make Fast Money?

How fast is making fast money? a fortune overnight or a fortune in few days time? If it is legal the possibilities of overnight earning is less though possible.

1.Save From Daily Expense – Your daily expense may be dollars which includes your food, travelling etc. Cut down your daily expense by dollars and save it over the week. In just a weeks time you will be surprised to see the saving in your piggy bank. You can use this money for your weekend party rather than using cash from your bank balance.

2.Part-time Job – Part-time jobs is the perfect answer to your question of how to make fast money? Jobs like babysitting, writing notes, free lancing etc, pay decent enough to take care of your extra needs. If you are good at your work, then you may earn good. This helps you to keep your hand off your saving at bank and take care of your regular needs.

3.Renting – Rent out a part of your house. You can surely manage without one room. Renting pays well and it will take care of your house maintenance charges. If not your house you can also rent a space of your house for parking, or to vendors etc. It is a good earning. You can take monthly, weekly or quarterly rent.

4.Use Your Creativity – Home made jewellery, stuff toys, dresses etc are always a great hit and can earn you a fortune overnight if you are good at it. Investment for such business is also less. Marketing is mostly done by word of mouth. Once you are famous, if can grow it up to be your side business.

5.Make Quick Investments – Nowadays, various investment plans are available with different banks. There are both long term and short term investment. Share market is also a good place to invest, where with tactful handing and clear knowledge you can double your money overnight.

If these have answered your question of how to make money then it is important for you to know that fast money not only adds on to your bank balance but also helps you take care of your extra expenses and the most important thing it earns you immense pleasure.
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Story first published: Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 12:37 [IST]
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