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Bullies Need Affection Too

By Priya Devi

Bullies too are sensitive, claims Rene Veenstra. She with a group of researchers did a survey on 500 elementary school children, to get to this conclusion.

The children ranged from the age 9 to 12. Based on their findings, they conclude that bullies generally choose to gain status by dominating their victims.

But they also try to reduce the chances of being an outcast in the class. Thus they victimize children who are weak and not well-liked by others. In other words bullies too want affection and support from others.

"To understand the complex nature of acceptance and rejection, it's necessary to distinguish the gender of the bully, the gender of the target, and the gender of the classmates who accept and reject bullies and victims," according to Rene Veenstra, professor of sociology at the University of Groningen, who led the study.

Bully, as stated by few surveys is a behaviour which is a result of inferior complex. To hide one's insecurity or to gain back one's importance in society, bullies take the path of violence. The fear they create on others mind satisfy they inferiority complex. Because bully is a result this complex, bullies always carry the fear of being left alone and looked down upon.

Story first published: Thursday, March 25, 2010, 14:14 [IST]
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