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Balancing Work And Family-Tips

Balancing work and family often seem to be elusive, in these days that demand more of our presence at work. Work and family are the major aspects of life. An imbalance in these can topple your peace.

A grumpy wife and fussy children are all that you will encounter when you spend more time with your laptop. On the other hand your manager can jump on to you if work is neglected.

If we happen to look at a caricature, that is quite popular now; a person sitting in front of his comp with multiple hands, like the hands of the Indian deity Kali, we simply can't help smiling or mentally acknowledging the fact. It reminds of the work life balance that we are unable to strike.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So the work life balance has to be handled in order to escape becoming a fragmented you.

Here are a few tips that can help you for balancing work and family.

Decide to give equal importance-While it is good when you are passionate about your work, however your over indulgence will have a negative impact on your family. Companionship is at stake and children are denied the understanding of the essence of a well knit relationship.

Worse is the case when you are a workaholic, chasing economic gains with closed eyes to other aspects of life, running the rat race in a mad rush. You simply kill your soul. The work life balance is a must. The simple remembrance of complete focus on one thing denies the focus on the other, will help loosen a bit. Give equal importance to both.

Clear your mind off the clutter-Prioritizing work is the unfailing mantra. This will help you remove the unnecessary tension at the thought of the tasks lying ahead for the day and also avoid a possible muddle. It aids you to keep yourself focused on the essential, while the lesser important can be put on the next recent wait list.

Little postponement or attending to the important aspect of the lesser important, can do no harm, as long as the task is not ignored completely.

No no-s at work-Avoiding checking your personal email, or getting engaged in social networking sites in between your work. Sometimes, one may not be able to avoid this, when somehow personal mails infiltrate your professional mail box. Strictly postpone it, unless otherwise it is urgent.

Social networking, if not cut short crisply, may draw away your time. So keep a check on it as well, when you are involved in promotions. Also do not engage in long personal calls during work, which may rob you off your time and focus.

No no-s at home

Time to lap your children than your laptop. You may not be able to take control of your mobile buzzing on the dinner table. So Make use of PDAs to receive work related alerts and little discussions. Postpone a call that need not require immediate assistance, while entertaining your children or engaged with other members of the family.

Look for short cuts

While commencing a task, try to access if it can be done in a more simpler way. But remember to give yourself almost fully at home. Shortcuts don't work at home, as it is purely built on emotions.

Shed your old working style

Do not follow the old working style if you are challenged with novel tasks. All you need is to be flexible and alert to alter to new demands. Flexibility is the keyword, for success at home as well as work.

Last but not the least make an earnest decision to strike a work life balance. Balancing work and family may not seem monstrous as it seems to be.

Story first published: Monday, December 6, 2010, 14:03 [IST]