Unique Ways Of Celebrating Friendship Day In Rain

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"As the rain beats a soft rhythm on the window pane, a gush of memory takes me back to my college days. A troop of five girl on a bike giggling and laughing make their way towards the hills as the soft showers kisses their tender skin. They were on their way to celebrate the most cherished day of the year- 'Friendship day'. After a ride for an hour, they stopped near a gentle flowing river, to play their most favourite game, 'get-wet-set-gel'. The game was all about getting drenched in water and old memories of innocent childhood days to build a stronger bond of friendship. As I was all lost in the chitter chat of the misty scene the mischievous wind woke me up to the reality, were I was seated all alone in a closed closet with the pictures of my best friends all around me."

Well! Thats what usually happens to the cherished friendships. After few years of bonded love and celebration, the friends who stood by failure, pain and most difficult situations are left behind with promises and responsibilities of the future. No wonder, some great men thought of keeping a separate day for this unique bond back in 1935. So, lets make this friendship day special with this unique celebration ideas with cherished memories and rain.


Friendship Day Celebration Ideas


Make a trip to a secluded area
This day is just for you and your friends. So take in your bi-cycles or bikes( avoid four-wheelers ) and ride in the rain with your windcheaters or trendy rainy coats to the most secluded area of the town. As you make your way, celebrate the bond by recollecting all the past memories that made you smile till date. If you see any, stream or water flowing down the road, get down to make some paper boats and watch them sail down or you can just splash water on each other like kids, to freshen the memories of childhood days. In short, just do all the little things that you loved doing in a rain as a kid.

Slurp a yummy Cornetto ice
Slurp a yummy Cornetto ice cream together after getting drenched in rain completely. Within fraction of time, you will be under a same coat to warm up yourself. If ice cream seems to be a bad idea, then just relish hot and spicy chats on the roadside.

Trace back the dirtiest prank and play it again
Its one way to make your friend roll over with laughter. Just play a similar prank the make him look a single idiot in the whole world. However, if the situation gets grumpier you know how to handle it. With a smile and a warm hug.

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
Instead of stepping in a shop to buy a friendship band just make one yourself. Your friend will surely flaunt it at least for few months on his/her wrist. While buying a gift, keep monsoon as your theme. For instance anything that relates to soft dues on the petal in a misty dawn or dark clouds with a bright lightening or a colourful rainbow with a curved smile.

For instance you can buy a personalized t-shirt with the friends group picture and a quote on top of it. It will just cost you Rs.350 – 500. As your friend unwraps the gift you can see the rainbow smile on his face. Or just go for anything your friend may need in the monsoon like trendy raincoats, wincheaters or monsoon make up kit. The choice is all yours.

Thats all folks. Just follow the above ideas to make this day monsoon and friendship day special.

Story first published: Friday, August 1, 2008, 17:18 [IST]
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