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Life Of Eunuchs : Aren't They Human?

There are at least a million eunuchs in India. They are known as hijra, and make their living as beggars, prostitutes and by removing "bad luck". A eunuch has a male body, but the spirit is female. No one becomes a eunuch by choice.

Eunuchs are an underground society. They have their own rules and do not listen to judges or the police. They have their own government. Those who do not obey them are thrown out of their community.

Eunuch's main income comes by "removing bad luck" that they come and sing and dance at house warming, weddings and at the birth of a new born. People have to pay them high prices for this removal of bad luck. Most people are unwilling to run the risk of their curse at the start of a marriage or when moving in a new house.

Older Eunuchs go shop to shop and beg by clapping loudly. Most of the Indians are having a superficial belief that if a Eunuch blesses it is like God blessing them directly. In India, every city is divided into neighborhoods, each of them assigned to a group of eunuchs who will give blessings in the area and claim money for them. No other eunuch can ask for money in the area. The eunuchs have a script to mark the houses they have been to.

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2007, 11:43 [IST]
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