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What Does Your Handshake Reveal About Your Personality

All of us must have heard that action speaks louder than words. When it comes to handshake, it is one of the oldest ways people use to introduce each other. You may think that a handshake is all about holding someone's hand and shaking it for a few seconds. But this is not the whole story. During ancient times, people extended their empty hand towards someone, to show they aren't holding any weapons or aren't into some conspiracy. However, there are many more things that can be revealed about your personality through your handshake. Scroll down the article to read more.

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1. Double Handshake

This is also known as politician handshake. When you place your second hand on the opponent's hand then this is known as a double handshake. This shows that you are putting your trust on the opponent and are open to effective discussion. If you touch your opponent's elbow then this means that you like him or her and are free to offer your helping hand when needed.


2. Limp Noodle Handshake

If you are making a feeble handshake that feels like shaking a dead fish then this shows that you lack confidence and commitment. People might not be able to trust you. Also, your opponent might think that you are submissive and therefore, people might take your advantage. But if you are a male and think that it is okay to keep your hand loose while shaking hands with a woman, then think again as she may perceive you an incompetent person.


3. The Dominant Handshake

If you are someone who often shakes hand as if you are about to crush bones of the other person then this shows your dominant behaviour. He or she may think that you are trying to overpower the people around you. Therefore, rather than using your entire power while shaking hands, make sure you do not crush somebody's bones.


4. Rushed Handshake

At times, you may have seen people entering the room and immediately extending their hands for a handshake. Brushing off when someone is busy in having a conversation is utter stupidity. You don't have to be in a hurry for shaking hands with other people. Else people might perceive you as rude and nervous. Take some time to calm down your nerve and then you can have a handshake with full confidence.


5. The Lingering Handshake

Now that you have mastered the art of making a firm grip during a handshake, doesn't mean you have to hold the hand forever. You need to let it go. Holding on for too long may show you desperation and absent-mindedness. All you would need is a two-three seconds handshake and after that, you can let it go.


6. Intense Glare Handshake

Staring into the opponent's eye for too long while making a handshake shows your aggression, immaturity and trust issue. Your opponent may feel uncomfortable due to your staring.


7. Perfect Handshake

If you shake hands with someone for two-three seconds while maintaining a good posture, eye contact, firm grip and warmth then this shows your positive traits. People perceive you as confident, trustworthy, helpful and well-mannered. This can leave a long-lasting impression on people.

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In addition to this, make sure your hands aren't too sweaty or don't shake hands too fast. Also, make sure your hand is empty and clean before you extend it for shaking hands. This way you will be making a good impression.

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