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12 Types Of Toxic Friends You Simply Need To Ditch

Believe us these people are not your friends. They will backstab you, humiliate you and never say or do anything with good intent for you. Not only that they themselves are so toxic that they can have a negative impact on you as well. So, it is better that you simply ditch them.

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But, we all know that humans are social animals and most of us love to be around people because sharing and caring are our true qualities. So, it is essential that we shut toxic people and open our arms to those who are honest and will stay with us through thick and thin. So, we have listed 12 types of toxic people whom you need to avoid or ditch at the earliest.


1. The Moocher

This is a kind of friend who won't pay for the food and split the bill when both of you are hanging out together. The person will always come up with some cliché answer stating he or she forgot the wallet or is out of money. At times, they will also ask you to pay their rent, shopping or something else. Instead of paying off his or her share of the bill every time, try to maintain some distance with this friend.


2. The Flaker

This is the person who never minds canceling their plans at the last minute and will rarely value your time. Whether it is a get-together or a trip plan, this friend will agree to show up but will always ditch the plan and come up with some lame excuses for being busy in a meeting or having over-slept. Even if you request him or her to come, the flaky friend will cancel the plan only at the last minute.


3. The Competitor

It is good to excel in your career and achieve whatever you are aspiring for. But competing from your friends and trying to show off only to make your friends feel bad is not a good thing. So if you are friends with someone who is always in the mood to compete with you, then it's better to cut ties with such a toxic friend.


4. The Cry Baby

here are times when all of us feel low and disappointed with few things. But will you like to be with someone who constantly blames his or her fate and does nothing to change their present? Being with such a friend who is always pessimistic and can fill you with negativity. In such a case, it is better to get over these people.


5. The Vampire

No, don't think they are real vampires who suck human blood, but surely these people will suck all your positivity and replace it with agony, pain and all kinds of negativity you can imagine. He or she will never mind calling you even during the odd hours or when you are in an important meeting, only to talk about their problems but will rarely listen to your difficulties.


6. The Manipulative Friend

These people are not at all your friends but they will pretend that they are your BFF. They befriend you with a motive of manipulating you and get whatever they want from you. Be it your dress, gadgets money or anything that will benefit them. They will come up with ways to manipulate you and then extract things from you and the moment their motive is fulfilled, they will hardly recognise you.


7. The Clingy Friend

Probably the idea of giving space to someone is totally an alien concept for them. They will be emotionally dependent on you all the time, and to an extent that you will start suffocating. They become extremely insecure when you are with your other friends or even your partner. They look forward to your undivided attention. It is better that you maintain distance with such people.


8. The Drama Queen

These friends will create unnecessary drama by over-reacting on several occasions. They will deliberately bring up some conflicts and issues only to shout and expose their insecurities. He or she will always try to provide an excuse for their behaviour. Also, some have an inborn talent for blowing things out of proportion. They are self-obsessed people and some are narcissistic too. They are so self-centric that they have hardly any time to be with you when you go through a difficult situation.


9. The Critic

alk about judging people and they will top the list. These people want the world to be their way. Making constructive criticism is good in friendship. But if you are being criticised by your friends every time, then there is no need for being friends with them. Instead of helping you in improving yourself, this kind of friend will always make you feel good for nothing.


10. The Stagnant

These people are never fond of changes. They will be someone who never wants to bring some positive changes in themselves because they are so comfortable with the way they are. They dislike taking challenges or doing things that involve risks. They love to stay in their comfort zone and will hardly try something new in their life. So now you know what to do with them.


11. The Control Freak

If there is a friend who always tries to dominate your thoughts, decisions and actions, then it is a sign you are having a controlling friend. This type of friend will always act superior and more intellectual. They love controlling and giving everyone a direction. At times, they can pressurise you to do things you are not comfortable doing and therefore, you need to cut ties with such toxic people.


12. The Gossiper

This kind of friend is no less than a rumour mill as he or she is always on their r toes to discuss people. These friends will always come up with some unverified and false stories about people. They are talented in turning any conversation into a steamy gossip by adding some false facts. Backstabbing is something you need to learn from them. There can be times when you may not agree with your friend or have some conflicts with them. But talking about someone behind their back is not a good thing.

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Let us know or share your story if you too are having a hard time dealing with these people or have successfully ditched them!

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Story first published: Friday, February 14, 2020, 7:00 [IST]
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