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9 Things That You Can Say To People Before It’s Too Late

One never knows what will happen next. It is almost impossible to predict what your life may bring to you in the next moment. Life is no doubt unpredictable. At one point of time, you may make future plans to enjoy and live your life but at the same time, nobody is sure about what may happen next. You may have millions of things to say to people and achieve in your life. But what if something unexpected and unwanted awaits you?

You may want to tell your colleague how wonderful and helping he/she is or you may want to share something important with someone when the time is right. But do you know what your tomorrow will look like? Therefore, it is better that you say what you want to before it's too late. It can be anything such as some good words to your parents, friends, etc. Today, we have brought a list of things that you need to say to people before it's too late. To know what those things are, read the article below.


1. ‘Thank You For Your Help And Support.’

If someone did something great for you, then it is advisable that you express your gratitude to that person. This may put a smile on their face and make them feel special if they had a rough day. . He/she may feel that you have acknowledged his/her efforts. If you are thinking that you will later thank that person, then it may be a wrong decision. Who knows you may not be able to thank that person later in your life? Therefore, take out some moments from your life to thank that person for not only helping you but also for supporting you.


2. ‘I Am Always There For You.’

By saying so, you are letting a person know that you are there for him/her. Problems come in everybody's life and supporting your loved ones, in their tough times can make them strong. You may not know this but letting someone know that you are there to help him/her can give them hope and courage to fight. You can motivate a person to never give up by just staying by his/her side. So, if you feel that your friend, colleague (s) or any family member is going through hardships, then let them know that you are with them before the person gives up.


3. ‘I Love You.’

There's nothing wrong with expressing your feelings for someone you admire and love. You may want to tell your mother that you love her and are blessed to have her. Waiting for the right time to say that you love your mother is pointless. If you love someone today, then just say that how much you want them in your life. You need to live in the present as the future is quite unpredictable. What if you never come across the right time that you are waiting for?


4. ‘Are You Alright?’

If you find someone sad and upset, then ignoring that person can be a bad decision. Instead of ignoring that person and walking away, you can ask him/her if everything is alright. You can sit and listen to his/her problems. Who knows the person is feeling helpless and lonely as he/she has no one to share problems with. You may not be able to help that person but it can at least make him/her feel better.


5. ‘Do Not Lose Hope. Things Will Be Better.’

People often lose hope when things don't go in a way they are expected. They may feel broken and depressed after seeing things happening in an unexpected way. In that situation, laughing and mocking the sufferer can result in something dreadful. The person may consider himself/herself no less than a loser. So why not say some motivating things to that person? Even if you can't help that person but you can at least try to make him/her feel better by asking not to lose hope.


6. ‘I Am Sorry For What I Did.’

At times, you may commit some mistakes and/or hurt somebody. It is normal to do so but what is unacceptable is not seeking forgiveness. Admitting your mistakes before it's too late can save many mishappenings. You may never know that even your small action can cause huge pain to others. Your words and actions can hurt them to some great extent. Therefore, admit your mistakes and seek forgiveness for things that may have hurt others.


7. ‘You Are A Wonderful Person.’

There are times when people under-estimate themselves. They may find themselves incompetent and worthless if they fail to do things in a right manner. But that doesn't mean you too will mock the person for the negative aspects of his life. Instead, you must appreciate that person's efforts and let him/her know that he/she is a wonderful person. You can tell that he/she is wonderful and must not feel bad if things didn't go well.


8. ‘I Forgive You For Your Mistakes.’

If somebody hurt you or behaved in a bad way, then we understand that you may have some bitter feelings. But if the person comes and seeks forgiveness from you, then you must forgive him/her. There's no good in holding on to grudges. Even if the person didn't seek your forgiveness, you can be a kind person and forgive him/her. Forgiving people for their mistakes before it's too late will always make you feel better.


9. ‘Can I Help?’

Extending your helping hand towards somebody is always a noble thing to do. This not only makes you a better human but also inspires the other person to give his/her best in achieving his/her goals. It is true that by helping others, you actually help yourself.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 17:30 [IST]
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