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Finding It Difficult To Deal With Roommates? Tips That Will Make Your Life Easy

Sharing an apartment with roommates or flatmates is nothing new. At some point in our lives, some of us have to move away from our family members to pursue higher studies or find a job. Coming to a different city and living with strangers under one roof can be way out of your comfort zone but such is life and we all learn to adjust with the new people in our lives over time. No doubt it seems intimidating for us to share our place with someone who is a complete stranger. But since it is cost-effective to live with a roommate or flatmate, people eventually learn to adjust to it.

However, things can become difficult if the roommate or flatmates are annoying, toxic and/or lazy. You may go through situations where your roommates intrude on your personal space and make you feel uncomfortable. In such a situation, your patience seems to fly out of the window. You may feel like giving up but calm down your nerves as we are here with some interesting tips that can help you to deal with annoying roommates.

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1. Set Some Boundaries


The moment you move in with your roommates or flatmates set some boundaries. Let them know that you have a personal space and you cannot let anyone intrude that space. You can also talk about the kind of person you are and the type of behaviour you are used to. This way you will be able to put your thoughts in front of her and you both can decide how to make adjustments going forward.

Rohan Roy a 24-year-old student from Bihar told Boldsky, "The day I shifted to an apartment, I told my flatmate the kind of environment and behaviour I am used to. Also, we discussed how much I value spending 'me-time' and how the other person won't intrude on our personal spaces."

2. Make Some Hardcore Rules


Now that you have talked about setting boundaries, you can set some rules as well. Such as till what time the lights should be on, who is going to take the trash bin out, how often your friends can come or when you need to do the cleaning.

25-year-old Adish Rai from Delhi shared his views with Boldsky, "I and my flatmates have made some rules that we need to follow. We have fixed cleaning schedules and whose turn it is to empty the trash bin."

Having a set of rules will help you and your roommates to be on the same page and chances of conflicts will reduce. But in case, there's a conflict, you can revisit the rule book and find out a solution.

3. Don't Expect Them To Be Your Best Friend


Pari (name changed), a 24-year-old writer from Bangalore told Boldsky, "If you are also fascinated by those movies and shows where roommates and flatmates become best friends, then wait till you face the reality."

"I have been living with my roommates since the college days and I never felt the need to unfold all my secrets to them. I do discuss my thoughts or share my ideas with them but few things that are close to my heart, I keep it to myself," she adds further.

Sharing a room or flat with someone doesn't mean that you are giving someone permission to intrude on your personal space. You don't have to let them know every single detail of your life if you don't want to. Stop expecting that your roommates/ flatmates will always be your secret keeper. As they say, time is the best healer, so with the course of time, you will get to know if they are worth your friendship.

4. Avoid Accepting Their Annoying Behaviour


You don't have to act like someone who is too naive and ready to compromise. Within a few days, you'll get to know if your roommate is good for you or not. You will understand if you can live peacefully together, keeping aside the differences with your roommates and flatmates.

Pari said, "If you feel that you will be going through a hard time then it is better to convey your concerns to them. Let them know whenever you feel uncomfortable because of their certain behaviour. I am not saying that you have to argue or fight always, instead stay calm and tell about your problems so that both of you can come to a conclusion. "

5. Do Not Depend On Them For Everything


Just because you do not feel comfortable to live alone in a city, far from your home, you don't have to depend on your flatmates or roommates for everything and vice versa. Being emotionally clingy or dependent for basic needs will spoil your equation with them. They may perceive you as someone who is childish and irritating. Similarly, if you find them to be dependent on you, let them know that it is wrong and you won't entertain such behaviour.

6. Have A Talk When Needed


Effective communication is quite necessary when it comes to dealing with problems. If you feel there are adjustment issues, which need to be sorted out, then it is better to discuss the same with your flatmates or roommates. Unless you don't let them know about the problems you are facing, things won't work out. This will not only save you from unnecessary fights but will also help you live together peacefully.

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