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6 Tips To You If You Are Facing Difficulties In Making Small Talks With Colleagues In The Workplace

Are you feeling difficult to have a small talk with your colleagues? Do you lower your eyes when one of your team-mates is around, only to avoid any small talk? There are so many people who prefer putting their headphones in order to avoid any kind of interaction with their colleagues. Breaking the ice and initiating a small talk is not that easy and for some people, it might seem torturous. But you must know small- talks are quite essential at your workplace. It not only helps you in relieving your work stress but also strengthens your bond with your colleagues.


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So if you are among those then fret not as we are here to help you. Scroll down to know about these amazing tips.

1. It Is Okay To Ask For Help

If you are not comfortable while initiating small talks then you can break the ice by asking for help from your colleagues. You can talk about work if not anything else. Later you can thank your colleagues for helping you.

2. Add Some Humour

If you have a humorous side and you enjoy making others laugh with your humour then why not be yourself? Instead of trying to be quite serious and workaholic, you can bring out your funny side and develop a bond between you and your colleagues. You can crack some jokes or ask some funny questions such as, 'Is there anyone else who counts every second till its lunchtime?'


3. Check If You Have Something In Common

Irrespective of who you are and what you do or where you come from, you might have some factors or qualities in common. You can use these to start a small talk and then develop a bond between you and your colleagues. You can start by asking 'Where are you from?', 'Which restaurant will you prefer for lunch?' or 'What are your plans for this weekend'? If you find something similar then you can easily start a small talk.

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4. Appreciation Can Come Handy

All of us love to receive compliments for the good things that we do. You can hence, compliment your colleague for being helpful. You can also compliment your colleagues for the dresses they wear or for lunch they bring to the office. Make sure you genuinely compliment the person.

5. Try To Deepen The Conversation

You may joke around with your colleagues and share your weekend experiences. This is no doubt one of the best ways to kick-start small talks with your colleagues. But things can become better if you try to talk on a wide array of topics and discuss ideas, it will help you to bond better with them.

You can talk about some social issues and ask each other's opinions on it. This will not only help you in knowing your colleagues' perspective but will also help you in building some strong connections at your workplace.

6. Avoid Being Clingy

After you have succeeded in building a bond with your colleagues, you should not become too clingy. For that reason, nobody likes to stay with someone who is emotionally weak and constantly needs support. Being clingy will make you dependent on others. As a result, your colleagues might ignore you at times.

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In addition to this, try to stay confident in front of your colleagues. You don't have to fear them as they are not going to punish you. Just wear a big smile and all the awkwardness will go away. We hope the above tips can actually help you in having small talk with your colleagues.

Story first published: Monday, October 21, 2019, 9:31 [IST]
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