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6 Important Lessons Extroverts Can Always Learn From Introverts

Extroverts are seen as people who can make their presence acknowledged quite easily and are known as go-getters. They can easily become friends with new people and can also dominate the situation at times.


Introverts, on the other hand, are seen as shy or reticent people who feel comfortable in a calm or minimally stimulating environment. They might often perceive their surroundings to be overwhelming and fast-paced and feel drained after socializing. But this doesn't mean they are not important for our society. You might think that your friend is weird, simply because they are introverts and yet extroverts can learn so much from them.

Six important lessons extroverts can learn from introverts-

1. Becoming A Good Listener

An introvert loves to focus more on listening than on speaking. In short, they are a good listener and prefer to observe the surrounding around them. Also, they would take a back seat rather than directly engaging with people or events going around them.

That doesn't mean extroverts should also speak less and become less interactive. In fact, extroverts should pay attention to what is being told. They should learn to listen to things attentively.


2. Spending 'Me Time'

It is good to spend some 'me time' rather than going around with friends and other people. Introverts use this time to explore more ideas and rejuvenate their minds. They acquire energy and inner peace by isolating themselves from tons of unnecessary people and thoughts. By spending time with themselves, introverts, explore a different level of positivity.

As an extrovert, you can learn this quality from introverts and re-gain their inner peace, energy and enthusiasm by spending some quality time with themselves. You can also read books or go for a walk. This will not help you to get away from the chaos, but will also help you to think about your career and future.

3. Analysing Thoughts Before Speaking

Introverts prefer analysing things before voicing their opinions. They are quite good at choosing words before opting for a conversation. It is not that introverts will voice their ideas, once it hits their mind. They will first gather their thoughts and will then analyse if it is worthy or not. Once they feel assured, they share it with other people.

Extroverts can also learn the same. It is better to think and analyse the consequences before speaking, rather than regretting later.

4. Deriving Motivation From Within

While extroverts derive their energy and motivation from external sources, introverts find motivation from within. They do not require any external source such as friends, motivational talks, speeches and others to make them feel energetic and enthusiastic.

They have a natural way of deriving inspiration and thoughts by isolating themselves from people and exploring their own ideas. Even if there is no one to motivate or guide them, introverts usually don't feel demotivated.

Similarly, extroverts should also try to become self-motivated.

5. Establishing Deeper And Meaningful Connection

Introverts have deeper and meaningful connection with people. They do not fancy getting into a large group and sharing every single thought with all of them. They encourage having a few close and genuine friends rather than falling prey to selfish and manipulative people. Also, they avoid talking on any unnecessary topics and love to engage themselves in deeper conversation.

Extroverts can also do the same. There is nothing wrong with you if you are an amicable person, but it is better to have a small group of true friends who can actually help you during tough times.

6. Respecting Privacy

Introverts do not like the idea of hindering people's privacy and boundaries. They love to respect everyone's boundaries. They won't push someone to do something exciting and adventurous. Also, they do not like if someone is trying to intrude their privacy boundaries.

No doubt it is good to motivate your friend to try something really interesting and exciting, but it is better to respect people's boundary. Extroverts can take a cue from this quality of introverts as well.

There is nothing called over learning. Therefore, extroverts can always learn from introverts and incorporate those good qualities in their lives.

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