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WTF! Research Reveals Swallowing Your Partner’s Semen Reduces Chances Of Miscarriage!

Science has been making constant progress and some studies are quite weird. Some of the cases will make you wonder how it is even possible to research on such unusual topics.

Here is one such research where researchers have found out that pregnant women swallowing semen have reduced chances of miscarriage!

Check out the bizarre details of the same below.


The Researchers Believe...

Researchers believe swallowing semen helps to strengthen a pregnant woman's immune system. They believe swallowing the semen helps the foetuses to grow healthily.

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This Could Be The Reason

Studies reveal that the semen contains hormones and proteins from the man's body and these could be useful for the mother to build immunity and fight health issues during her pregnancy.


The Research Was Done On 234 Women!

Apparently the research was done at Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. In the research, the detailed pregnancy history and oral sex habits of 234 women were compared.


Gut Absorbs The Semen In A Better Manner

Researchers reveal that the vaginal exposure to semen or the unprotected sex is something that plays a vital role if a couple is trying to conceive. But they also insisted that semen is reportedly better absorbed in the gut.

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Story first published: Friday, April 5, 2019, 17:49 [IST]