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His Love For Fried Chicken Cost Him His Erection

Have you ever thought that eating your favourite food can have side effects and you can even face serious health issues?

Well, this is what happened in this case where a young boy loved eating chicken and lost his erection!


The young man had no idea that his erectile dysfunction could be related to his food addiction!

Check out more details of this bizarre case.


The Boy Hails From Taiwan

The 17-year-old teenage boy hails from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Being a teen, he loved fast foods like fried chicken, hamburgers, and french fries which he would eat in every meal! He is just 165 cm and weighs over 80 kg (all thanks to his unhealthy eating habits)!

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His Weight Was Never A Concern For Him!

According to the reports, his weight made his genitals look rather small in comparison. But this did not affect the young man's confidence until he got a girlfriend.


He Realised His Condition During An Intense Moment!

He apparently realised that he had a problem to get an erection when things were steaming up between him and his girlfriend. He immediately consulted a doctor to find out the cause of his erectile dysfunction.

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Doctors Found His Cholesterol Level To Be High!

The boy never thought that his love for fried chicken would cause a problem to his sex life! When doctors examined him, they found out that his cholesterol levels came in at 300 mg/dL when compared to an average reading which is below 200 mg/dL!


He Needed To Lose Weight!

The doctors explained to him how important it is for him to lose weight, not only for his sex life but also for his healthy lifestyle. They chalked out a diet plan to reduce his weight. He is currently recovering from his unhealthy fast food habits and even does regular exercise to be in good health!

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What do you think of this case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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