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Interesting Facts About December

When the month of December starts, the whole world around us turns festive with Christmas and the new year following the celebrations of Christmas.

But how many facts do you know about the month of December? Well, we here at Boldsky reveal to you some of the most exciting facts about December that most of us are not aware of.

Check out the facts about December...


The Origin Of The Word

The word December is not just the month's name, it is a phrase derived from the Latin word "decem" which means "10", and it means the 10th month of the ancient Roman calendar.

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It Is A Month Of Proposal Acceptance

Though this month is the coldest month of all the 12 months, stats reveal that this is the month when a maximum number of wedding proposals take place, and people accept it throughout the month too!


This Is The Month When There Is Less Sunshine

During the month, UK has the least sunshine throughout the month. According to records, stats reveal that in December 1890, the Westminster saw no sunshine all throughout the month and even Moscow experienced its darkest month during December 2017 as well.

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The Oscar Connection

Over the years, many movies have won the Oscar, and the month of December has one of its kind of connection as many movies by the name of December were made but there is only one movie in the history of cinema to win the Oscar award. December 7th is the name of the movie, and it is a 1943 documentary about Pearl Harbor.

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