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    Horrible Ways In Which People Have Died

    There are many cases that have come forward in which we have seen people who have lost their lives while trying to eat something.

    Here, in this article, we are revealing some of the most terrifying cases where people have lost their lives in horrible ways while trying to eat something and these cases will undoubtedly have an impact on your life, the next time when you decide to eat such stuff!

    Chilling Postmortem Pics Of Celebs! 

    Check out the story behind these stories.


    Tennessee Williams

    It is reported that he had popped up a plastic bottle cap and it had got stuck in his windpipe which eventually lead to his death. But there are many theories behind his death which also reveal that he had a drug overdose. Hence he lost his life, and yet to cover up his act, people cooked up the story of him choking to death because of a bottle cap!


    Steve Peregrin Took

    He was a musician by profession and decided to have a wild party one day when he along with his friends were enjoying drugs and drinks together when suddenly Steve realised a cherry had slipped down his throat. By the time he realised it was too late as he started choking and lost his life at the age of 31 years.


    Basil Brown

    He was a health freak who was known for drinking a gallon of carrot juice every day. He couldn't stay without it, and hence he decided to take excessive amounts of vitamin A as he felt it was good for his health. He died from "hypervitaminosis A," when doctors revealed that his liver shut down after he had an overdose of Vitamin A.

    Facts That Actually Teach Us Something


    Vladimir Likhonos

    He was a chemistry student who loved chewing sour gums. Hence he loved mixing his gum with citric acid to get the bitter taste. But while he was working on an experiment, he ended up dipping his gum in an explosive substance that he was working on and the combination of his saliva and the substance blew his lower jaw, and he was killed instantly.

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