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He Wanted To Be A Clown, So He Got Face Tattoos And Silicone Implants Done

As a kid, we all wish to become someone when we grow up like a doctor, an engineer or a teacher. Our ambitions keep changing as we grow up. But how many of us have stuck to the first choice of becoming what exactly we wanted to become as kids?

So here, we share the story of a man who always wanted to be a clown since he was little.

This is the story of Richie the Barber who is believed to love the old-time barber shops and old-time clowns.

Check out his story.

As A Kid

As a kid, Richie was amazed by the tricks and juggles a clown performed while he had been to a circus. Since then his obsession for clowns started. He believed whenever you seem to feel down, you need just to juggle and this is when he knew he wanted to be a clown too.

He Always Wished To Be A Clown

Just like a clown who has a big red mouth, red nose, large red eyebrows or even dyed hair, Richie the Barber always wanted to become a clown. He has a blue face, a fancy moustache and even a colourful attire of a performer as of now.

Face Tattoos That Are A Must See!

He’s A Permanent Real-life Clown

He has his mouth and nose tattooed. He also has the blue makeup and all the artwork which decorates his face. Apart from this, he also has impressive eyebrows which are actually believed to have been enhanced with sub-dermal silicone implants.

He Started Doing...

Richie wanted to get closest to being a clown. Hence, he got a unicycle and spent a lot of time learning how to ride it without crashing. After which he started to learn juggling while he began getting tattoos on his face.

His Personal Life Was Affected

His obsession with clowns and the face tattoos are believed to have affected his personal life as well. He claimed that his girlfriends would always dump him because of them, but this didn't let him stop fulfilling his dream.

What do you think of him? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 14:37 [IST]
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