Personality Test: Pick A Stone And Know About Yourself

Here is a simple quiz, all that you need to do is pick a stone and find out about what your choice reveals about your personality.

Each stone represents about the nature of your personality, which you may not have been aware of.

Personality Test: Pick A Stone And Know About Yourself

So, go ahead, pick a stone from the above image and find out on what is in store for you.


If You Chose The 1st Stone

This is an opaline stone. If you have chosen this stone, it means that you want freedom from the hustle-bustle of the daily chaos, as you feel the need to disconnect from everything/everyone around you and look for inner peace in your senses and thoughts.


If You Chose The 2nd Stone

This is a malachite stone, which means that major changes are out for you. And if you have chosen this, then there are many changes coming your way, especially in your love life. This is a perfect time for you to consider the scheme of your life.

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If You Chose The 3rd Stone

This is a sun stone. If you chose this stone, it depicts that you are a true optimist individual. There are many good things that are coming your way and this is mainly due to your positive nature.


If You Chose The 4th Stone

This is a mahogany obsidian stone. If you chose this stone, then it describes your subconscious mind, which is trying to tell you to break out of old habits and start a new life. This life is without allowing jealousy and anger to creep into your thoughts and spoil your relationships.

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If You Chose The 5th Stone

This is a howlite stone. If this stone is your choice, then it might be important to look out for synchronized messages in events, as there are chances that the "other side" might be something that your mind might be trying to tell you. You need to keep in touch with your spiritual side to avoid all kinds of chaos in your life.

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If You Chose The 6th Stone

This is a dalmatian jasper stone. If you have chosen this stone, then it indicates that you have a fun and loving nature. All that you need to do is keep yourself engrossed and happy by doing something new, like going on a new adventure or even making new friends in life.

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