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Man Who Eats 3 Kg Of Mud, Rocks And A Brick Every Day

There are many weird and bizarre things that people tend to eat. From glass pieces to bricks and rocks, some people tend to develop some of the strangest habits of eating.

One such is this example of a man who is believed to be addicted to consuming 3 kg of mud, rocks and one brick every single day to suppress his bizarre craving.

Here are more details about this bizarre man who took the Internet by storm after his story went viral.

Unbelievably Bizarre Eating Addictions That People Have


He Was 10 When He Developed This Habit

When Pakkirappa Hunagundi was just 10 years old, he developed a liking for debris which is an unusual thing for any human. He initially started snacking from walls and streets and claims that he did not have any ill effects of the same.


He Suffers From A Rare Condition

This weird liking was described as a disorder which is commonly known as Pica. This is a condition in which the person suffers an appetite for substances without any nutritional value.

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He Has Been Snacking On This For Decades Now

Pakkirappa calmly reveals that he does not suffer from any sort of side effects. He also claims that his teeth are absolutely beautiful and he can even bite into the hardest stone without a problem!


He Prefers Bricks Over Chicken!

His love for bricks, mud and rocks is so much that he would not like to trade his love for them. Even if it means that if he is offered divine nectar, then he will not take it. He also reveals that even fried chicken will not stop the craving that he has for mud, rocks and brick!


He Relishes Hot Charcoal Too!

His friends and family claim that they have been trying hard to get rid of his bizarre habit of eating mud, rocks and brick every day, but state that they have failed in it.


Now He Travels Around

Since people found his habit to be unusual and surprising, Pakkirappa has been travelling around different villages as he likes to showcase his fantastic talent and earn a living.

What do you think of this unusual talent? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, September 17, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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