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    History About The Chicken That Lived For 18 Months Without A Head

    Watching a headless man or any animal in any scary movie mostly makes us skip a heartbeat. However, what happens when we see a headless chicken?

    Though the thought seems to be impossible on how a chicken that is headless can even survive for hours, you would be shocked to know that this headless chicken lived for 18 months after his head was chopped off.

    headless chicken facts

    Check out the story of the headless chicken and its survival story.


    The Incident Happened In 1945

    September 10, 1945 was a regular day when Lloyd Olsen and his wife Clara were killing chickens for their meal, from their farm in Fruita, Colorado. As a practice, Olsen would generally decapitate the birds and his wife would clean them up.


    Mike Was One Of The Chickens That Day

    Among all the chickens that were cut on that day, this particular chicken chose to cheat its death as it got lucky after a blood clot in its neck prevented the blood loss. The couple got the shock of their lives when they saw the chicken alive the next day as it was found sleeping next to its decapitated head.


    The Family Decided To Earn Money With It

    Lloyd and his wife decided to make money by showing the world the unusual living chicken which was headless. The couple used to feed the bird using an eyedropper.


    The Medics Examined Mike To Understand Its Logic

    The survival of Mike had baffled the scientists. They ran a series of tests to determine the logic behind how the bird was still alive. They found out that the axe had missed the jugular vein and clot and this is what had prevented Mike from bleeding to death. It was also noticed that the bird also had full mobility and even his brain functions were fine.


    Lloyd Became Rich Eventually

    With people visiting from far off places to see this unusual bird, the couple started earning money, and as a result, they were able to afford a new tractor, a hay baler and even a new pickup truck!


    Unfortunately, It Lost Its Life

    18 months after his decapitation, Mike was on one of his cross-country travels, when the couple and the bird had stopped at a motel in Phoenix to rest. This was when tragedy struck when Lloyd heard a choking sound and realised that Mike was choking. According to reports, it is believed that the family searched for their syringe which was generally used to clear his throat, but they couldn't find it, and Mike died, unfortunately.

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