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    Shocking! People Are Consuming Glitter Pills To Make Their Poop Sparkle

    Have you ever thought of taking a sparkling dump? Sounds crazy, right? Well, there are people out there who are going to the next level of making their poop sparkle by consuming glitter pills.

    It all started when an Ohio-based company started selling glitter pills which supposedly, start making your poop sparkle and glittery!

    glitter pills consumption

    Though the pills come with a warning that states that the pills are only used for decoration purpose and not for human consumption, people seem to be consuming them anyway for their glittery results. Strange!

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    But This Raises A Question On How Safe Is Glitter Consumption For Your Health?

    Well, according to research, it is believed that glitter is not recommended for consumption as there are chances that it would get lodged in the digestive system, and it can even alter hormone production. Apart from this, it would also increase your risks of cancer.

    The Impact Of Glitter On The Environment

    Environmentalists around the world insist that humans need to reduce the use of glitter as it is glutting our oceans at the rate of eight million tons every single day! This is the equivalent of one garbage truck that is full of toxic plastic dumped per minute.

    The marine researchers reveal that the excess glitter is literally killing marine life. The different molluscs, decapods, echinoderms, fish, seabirds and whales are consuming these microplastics which are derived from glitter. This is causing a lot of unwanted health issues among the animals as well.

    Even though there are so many health issues, it is believed that now the world is ready to taste some edible glitter! Be it in the form of glittery coffee, or a Turkish dish, there are a lot of food items which have glitter in them!

    For the companies that use edible glitters, they are required by law to include a list of ingredients on their label that contain items like sugar, acacia, maltodextrin, cornstarch and colour additives. So this consumption is believed to be safe.

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    But our question is, are you ready for it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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