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    All About 2018 Taurus Love Horoscope

    By Sreya Dutta

    If you desired something perfect and waited long enough for it, fellow Taurus, we are glad to bring to your attention that your time to achieve something beautiful, when it comes to your love life, has finally arrived. You being one of the very few zodiac signs who craves a loyal, honest and committed relationship, we are quite sure about the fact that you need the kind of love that would guarantee both physical presence as well as substance.

    You need something you can sincerely and truly rely on. According to our 2018 predictions, dear Taurus, the universe is planning to happily grant your every wish when it comes to the matters of your heart.

    All about 2018 Taurus lovescope

    Here are a few horoscope tips in the form of a guide to keep you a tad bit ahead in the year 2018 when it comes to your love life, romance affairs, and relationship scopes for all of you fellow Taureans and Taurus ascendants.

    2018 Taurus Love And Marriage Predictions In A Gist

    According to our 2018 predictions for you, dear Taurus, it is very likely that your love life will be in perfect harmony during this year. Along with some rich and pleasant experiences in your love life, this positive period would bring great tranquility and peace to your life. This period might lead some of you to put love on the top of your priority list and be happy as a result, however, some of you might waste time and energy in your love lives and regret it later.

    This is why, it is important that you understand the importance of prioritizing something before you do it and make sure it is worth it first. With a calm mind, clear judgement, absolution and confidence, you might achieve what you are looking for. Your sensitivity like always will however help your relationships to flourish in many ways.

    You can expect prospective partners to come your way mid-year 2018. But you need to let your past go in order to plan your future with a clear mind and start a better life afresh. For those of you fellow Taureans who are already in a relationship, we predict that this positive period might strengthen your ties further towards a compact and sturdy bond that will easily be able to overcome all challenges that come your way and withstand all tests of fate and time.

    We would advise you to indulge by all means instead of battling that strong urge that you might feel more than ever during this period to please your partner. All the planets and stars will be in your favour, dear Taurus, and a beautiful harmony will prevail in all things love when it comes to your love life this year.

    2018 Taurus Love Horoscope Of Favoring Planets


    This year, you will have Jupiter, the planet of blessings, in your favour, dear Taurus. This is why we predict that this year will be an especially life-changing year when it comes to your relationships, with high chances of you getting engaged, moving in with your beloved, or maybe even getting married. So, we advise you to open your heart the best way you can and allow yourself to feel loved in an intensely gratifying way, as this is exactly what you are destined for this year. For all you fellow Tauruses who are already married, we predict that this year will especially be lucky enough for you to help you strengthen your bond with your spouse further.


    Inspite of Jupiter's blessings this year, there will a testing period when you might have a few issues with your loved one that you might need to work on. We predict that Venus, your ruling planet, will travel retrograde, which might lead to triggering a few insecurities around trust, especially with your partner when it comes to issues related to money or even secrets, although during this period, you will definitely learn whether or not your relationship is healthy and real. If you find it is real, you will then realize how deep your connection is and how unlikely it is to ever break.

    Venus Combustion

    According to our love predictions of 2018 for you dear Taurus, we would advise you that the period in your life this year till Venus combusts will not be a great time for sex or love. This is especially true for those of you fellow Taureans who're married and not those of you lovers. Despite your partner's presence, you might feel lonely and unhappy at times and sharing your feeling and aspirations will be hard for you.

    But worry not, as this period will quickly change as soon as Venus steps out of combustion by February end. Good news is just before or during June, expect to enjoy lots of happy times and mental and physical intimacy with your lovers, dear Taurus. For those Taurus lovers who're deeply in love but have not done anything about it, expect this time to be especially special and good for you.


    Our 2018 love predictions for you dear Taurus urges us to bring to your knowledge that with the transit of Mars in your horoscope, important developments associated with love and relationships will definitely occur in your life during this period. If you wish to maintain harmony in your relationships, you and your loved one might have to strengthen your bond and raise your levels of compatibility with each other.

    Important Love Tips

    Keeping in mind the changes in your horoscope during the course of this year, dear Taurus, we would advise you to try and increase the levels of compatibility and understanding with your loved one. In order to avoid any trust issues that might arise between you and your beloved during this period, you would need to work on your general compatibility. The favoring position of Jupiter will help your life in a lot of things, but not ensure happiness in your love or married life.

    So, our 2018 predictions for your love life, dear Taurus, urges you to take care of the necessities and desires of your beloved and try and be more understanding towards them. In general although, we can ensure you that 2018 is definitely going to be a great year for love, marriage and engagements, as well as for those of you who're already married. All of you Taurus lovers can expect to spend a memorable time with your beloveds this year.

    Eventful Periods

    All of you fellow Taureans can expect to enjoy plenty of eventful and happy times from mid-February to mid-June 2018 and again from August to November, 2018.

    Based on our 2018 Taurus horoscope of love according to planetary changes, this is the general prediction for all the singles as well as couples of the Taurus zodiac signs. We urge all the Taurus singles and couples to please follow the predictions accordingly, if they wish to have a great year ahead.

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