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She Was Cheated, Hence Decided To Transform Herself Into A Sex Doll

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A failed relationship can make a person do anything, which means just ANYTHING! From committing suicide to taking revenge, people go to any extreme when they go through this tough phase of life.

One such case is of a woman who is a mother of two kids, who decided to get a complete transformation after she had a breakup with her fiance.

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From exercising and dieting to what not, check out more details about her lifestyle...


She Is…

She is Cindy Moore, 31, from Salford, Greater Manchester. She decided to change her life after her fiance cheated her and she has got a boob job done and has lip fillers three times a month and even hair extensions.


She Has Spent Over...

Apparently she has spent £10,000 to look like a sex doll. Apart from this she has even bought herself a new car registration plate that spells out 'Doll' to complement her new look.


She Is Not Satisfied With The Results...

Even though she has gone under the knife a couple of times, she says she still isn't satisfied with the results as she wants to go under the knife again to complete her transformation as she wants another boob job and probably a tummy tuck.

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She Had Been Experimenting With Her Look Earlier As Well…

She had been bleaching her long locks and wearing dramatic glamorous make up since she was 19. But apparently she decided to take her sex doll look to the next level when she discovered that her fiancé was having an affair as she was overweight.

She Now Sells Her Pics…

She currently sells her raunchy pics to her 100 online followers who pay her £25 a month.
Check out more about her in the video.

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