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Woman, Presumed Dead, Wakes Up Alive From A Mortuary

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Can you imagine of being alive and living in a mortuary freezer and assumed to be dead? Well, this can be the worst nightmare a person can ever have and this is something that actually happened in India.

A woman who was believed to be dead was kept in the freezer of a mortuary. Her family members assumed her to be dead, wherein she was still alive while in the mortuary freezer.

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Check out the details of this sad incident.


She Was A 51-year-old Woman…

Rathnam was a 51-year-old woman, from Kerala, who was admitted in a hospital for treatment of jaundice. The doctors informed the family that her survival chances were very less and hence sent her back home.


On Their Way…

The family realised that Rathnam was not responding and was still. The family assumed her to be dead and shifted her body to the nearest mortuary and returned with the relatives and after an hour to complete the death rituals.

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Family Got A Shock Of Their Lives...

Rathnam's family got the shock of their lives when she was found to be alive after reportedly spending an hour in the morgue! Apparently, a relative noticed that Rathnam was breathing and they shifted her to a nearby hospital.


She Died Finally…

Since her organs failed due to jaundice, there were minimal things that doctors could do to save her. She expired the same evening.

Probably, if her family had not taken the decision of shifting her to a mortuary, she may have been able to fight longer; however, it's all about fate at the end of the day.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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