Your Birth Month Flower Can Reveal This About Your Personality

Depending on which month you were born in, here is an analysis of your personality based on your flower representative.

Each month has its own representative flower and here we are about to share the traits of each flower, based on the birth month.

Choosing A Feather From Here Can Reveal Your Personality Traits

Check out on what does your birth month flower reveal about you...


January - Carnation

Carnations represent love, pride and admiration and people who are born in January have a great personality. People do not understand them most of the time and that is okay, as they are not a people-pleaser. They do not conform to the norms of the society. They are also very artistic and poetic in nature. They have a charm about themselves that is hard to resist.


February - Violet

Violet as a flower has a subtle approach to everything. People born in this month sometimes come across as being irrational and illogical. But the fact is that they are almost correct always just like the subtle violet! They have an oxymoron personality, which might not be a very likable personality by all. They also have the knack of solving problems correctly and a little too quickly.


March - Daffodil

This flower symbolises a new beginning, rebirth or the coming of spring. People born in this month are like a daffodil and a windmill. It does not matter how far people are from them, they will always get the gist of their ideas. They come across as being warm and affectionate and they do not believe in doing just one thing. They are great multi-taskers and can influence many lives in one go. They love people from the heart and are beautiful from the inside out just like a daffodil.


April - Sweet Pea

This flower is associated with delicate or blissful pleasure. People who are born in this month are sugar-coated with happiness and this is something that does not favour them. People think that they are too good to be true and they often wonder if hanging out with them will make them the same as well! They love to spread positivity around!


May - Lily Of The Valley

This flower means humility, chastity, sweetness or purity. Individuals born in this month are fun-loving and beautiful just like the lily but this can be just for one second, and suddenly they can turn out to be sad and depressed in the next! They are unpredictable and risky at times. They love to keep people guessing!

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June - Rose

These flowers are timeless, and romantic and these individuals are great friends, but they undergo a lot of emotions in their life. Often people think that they are very hard to please and this is true to some extent. They often hurt people who come very close to them. Once they warm up to a person, they spread their fragrance in other's life.


July - Foxglove

These flowers are understated, as they will fit in anywhere. Individuals born in this month have very strong convictions about what is right and what is wrong, It is reflected in the way they think and do things. They might come across as being aggressive by many, but they mostly calm down soon enough and can fit in any given situation, just like the foxglove flower.


August - Gladiolus

This flower symbolises honour and remembrance. Individuals who fall under this categorised flower are said to be social birds and they are extremely focused. They pay utmost importance to the task at hand and they do not rest in peace till that task is finished. They love to go out and meet new people and they are also considered to be the life of any gathering.


September - Aster

This flower signifies patience and elegance. These guys have an intrinsic old-school charm about themselves just like the aster flower. They like to go by the book, but this does not mean that they are boring! They seek beauty in the little joys of life and love. They are surrounded by love of friends and family all the time. Apart from this, they are extremely creative and would do well in those fields.


October - Marigold

This flower has a strong desire for justice. Individuals associated with this flower are generally great company to be with. When people are with them, there is never any dull moment around. They just love to have fun and do not take life seriously. But this does not mean that they are irresponsible. They are completely family-oriented people and they love to be at home. They are like the colour orange, which is bright and so refreshing.


November - Chrysanthemum

This flower symbolises optimism and joy. People associated with this flower are great crowd pullers who are highly optimistic in nature. Wherever they are, people will be bound to follow them. People love to listen to their opinions and talks and they surely never disappoint them. They love to keep others happy and even though they might be under pressure to do their best at times, they outshine themselves most of the times.


December - Poinsettia

The red-coloured leaves symbolise the blood of Christ. Individuals associated with this flower display amazing inner strength and they are a rare gem to be kept forever. People look up to them for advice and even though they are young in age, they have weathered many a storms. They play the perfect agony aunt to their friends and family and they are a giver and a natural healer.

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