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How To Find Out A Toxic Person Around You

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In this competitive world, we are surrounded by negativity in one way or the other. Be it at work or on a personal level, we all do face negativity around us.

The negativity around you might push you to limits that we ourselves are not aware of, as there are times when it gets impossible for us to know on how to handle a situation. In such cases, you need to analyse certain things around you.

Here, in this article, we are sharing some of the most common traits of toxic people around you. Take a look.


They Are Manipulative

The most common strategy of toxic people is that they want everything for themselves. It is always all about them and other people are just a way of how they would achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves.


They Are Judgmental

They pay attention to the criticism, as they ensure that they do not come across as being a negative person. It is never about them, and they will lie with a straight face to get what they want in life.


They Never Take The Responsibility For Their Feelings

Their feelings are generally projected on you. If any person points this out, then they will passionately defend their point of view and not take up any kind of responsibility for anything that they have done.


They Do Not Apologise

They believe that there is nothing wrong in the decisions that they make. Even though they manipulate relationships to serve their own interests, they try to get attention and sympathy of others by playing the victim card.


They Are Inconsistent

It is very difficult to understand them as a person, as they often switch with their thoughts. They change their attitude, perspective and behaviour, as it all depends on their goal. They can even fake kindness if it helps them get them what they want.


They Are Not Really Into Taking Anyone's Advice

They have trouble concentrating on certain issues. They don't care about their point of view. Apart from this, they are very skilled manipulators as well. Their focus is on problems, and not solutions.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 26, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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