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Teacher: The Friend, Guide And Philosopher

By Sharon Thomas

 "I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well." These are the words of Alexander the Great, who set out to conquer the world at a young age. His teacher accompanied him on his expeditions. He owes all his victories and achievements to his teacher, Aristotle.

The role of a teacher in one's life is of paramount importance. A teacher shapes up a person in a holistic manner. It is not only about imparting the knowledge of academics, but about making the student a better human being to face the challenges that the future holds.


Teacher - The Friend, Guide And Philosopher

Bookish knowledge can be taught by anybody who has the respective knowledge - one need not depend on a teacher for it. But one definitely needs a teacher to learn the lessons of life. A child gets to know the outside world from the insights of a teacher. The way a child looks at the world relies on a teacher.

It might seem easy to essay a teacher but there are so many things involved. A teacher dons different roles in various situations. It might not help when a teacher shouts at an already scared student. So a friendly approach is necessary here. A teacher is a friend here, but a friend with a difference.

There is a fine line between a normal friend and a teacher-friend. A teacher-friend helps a child open up about all the difficulties he faces. He is an ideal person whom a child can look up to when in trouble. A teacher-friend is understanding and is always available, just a call away.

Even with all this, the respect towards such a teacher always remains. Being a friend is very essential in the primary schooling years to help a child face the world boldly.

Children spend most of their childhood as students in schools. The environment of the school is that of a second home and the teacher is a surrogate mother. The child simply imbibes many things from his surroundings. The teacher knows better what suits the child best. The teacher is a guide here.

The needs and capabilities of each child differs to a great extent. A teacher helps the child tread the right path and even comes along to reach the destination. The power of a teacher is tremendous, he can even turn a wayward child to be the brightest of all. A good teacher's guidance makes way for the betterance of a child.

Children are very smart and intelligent these days, especially in this age of the internet, most answers can be found with just a click. But gadgets cannot answer questions regarding the way to live life. Life poses many questions for a person of any age.

Here comes in a teacher who steers clear all the confusions of the mind by giving the best of all answers. To be more precise, a teacher is the one who gives answers that are wise. With decades of experience in hand, a teacher is a philosopher to every student.

Teacher is a person who lays the foundation for the student to build his life on. A teacher is responsible for the development of each and every child who has the potential to be better citizen of the nation.

Hence it is not only a student who finds a friend, guide and philosopher in a teacher but the community as a whole relies on the wisdom of a teacher. Such is the importance of a teacher in a society. Alexander was never wrong in quoting his teacher for his life well lived.

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