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    Can You Believe She Is 63 And Her Daughters Are 41, 40 And 36 Years Old?

    Nobody wishes to grow old and there is no better compliment than being labelled as young when compared to your actual age.

    A family in Taiwan has been celebrated by the media for their age-defying looks. These are the pictures of women whose age can simply take you all by surprise.

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    This family is also known as the 'the family of frozen ages'. Check their images and decide for yourself if they really look this young or if the news is fake!

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    Check out these pictures...

    The World Went Crazy When…

    Lure Hsu, 41 years, started making headlines when an interior designer and fashion blogger shared her photos online. When her actual age was revealed, there was a lot of chaos among people to know if the news was true or a fake one, as it was a surprising element to see her with such a young look!

    This Was Until…

    This craze of her looking so young made the people dig more into her personal life to only find out about some more truth on herself and her family! Her Instagram account, from the photos, also has her mother, a retired dancer, who could easily be mistaken for a model well in her 30s (or even younger), but she's actually 63!

    The Sisters Look Like College Students!

    As we see in the pictures, all the 3 sisters look like college-going students, while their dad who is 74 years old looks quite young as well, but the sisters claimed that their dad is camera shy and hence does not pose for the pictures.

    They Are ‘The Family Of Frozen Ages’

    After seeing these pictures, the world is quite curious to know what is the actual secret behind their never-growing age. The sisters revealed that the family works their magic with hydration and a proper diet.

    The Curious World Believes!

    There are a few people who claimed that this unique family must be the descendants of vampires. But the actual fact is that they all surely look suspiciously young for their age. However, when they were interviewed by the latest leading newspapers, the right ages of this family were revealed.

    The Secret Diet!

    Lure who used to be an interior designer is said to avoid sugary drinks and high-calorie foods. She also claimed it appears that she would occasionally treat herself with delicious chocolate. She also swears by two vital steps in her beauty routine-applying moisturiser and a sunblock regularly.

    They Revealed…

    The sisters revealed that moisturising your skin is really important, as it helps to slow down the ageing process and it also prevents wrinkles and other skin problems. Apart from this, they have a unique secret that they follow religiously to look this young and beautiful.

    Their Advice…

    Drinking a big glass of lukewarm water every morning, which is about 350 ml to 500 ml is a must-do task for this family and apart from this, they also never skip their breakfast and believe that eating your food on time could help you stay slim and young forever!

    If you wish to check some more pictures of them, then do check their Instagram account.

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