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Meet India’s Biggest & Most Valuable Bull That Drinks Whiskey Every Day

People crave to have a pet of their own, especially the animal lovers out there. For some, this experience is like having an additional family member, while for a few, it is similar to having a never-growing-up baby. However, there are those too who try to reap a benefit out of their pet.

This is the case of a bull that is worth £2.5 million and this unique bull is named "Sultan". This bull is unique in itself and is considered to be one of its kind. Why so? Well, read on to find out more.

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The owners are really proud of their possession, as the semen of this unique bull can fetch them over 1 crore rupees easily!

So, check on to know more about this unique bull named Sultan...


He Is An 8-year-old Bull

Sultan is considered to be the "most valuable bull" in the country, as its owners earn around Rs 10 million every year just by selling his semen. This regan-bull stands 6 feet tall and weighs over a tonne.

What The Bull Is Worth...

The owners of Sultan - the bull claim that the bull is worth Rs 210 million. The unique thing about this bull is that he loves drinking whiskey every day in the evening and his owners don't seem to mind!

The Bull's Diet…

Every day Sultan consumes a minimum of 33 lbs apples, 44 lbs carrots, 22 lbs grains and 22 lbs of greens. All this is washed down with dozens of pints of milk. Even though the diet of the bull is quite expensive, the owners have no qualms over it. His grocery bill is offset by the price of his semen, which is worth around $150,000 yearly.

Sultan Loves His Bathing Time…

The owner of the bull takes the bull on a 5-km walk every day and he is also given a dip in the lake twice a day. Guess this is the reason why Sultan's skin is believed to be so healthy and shiny apart from its shiny coat.

His Semen Has Been Sold All Over India…

Sources reveal that Sultan's semen is sold in almost every state of India and a single dose costs around £4, which is about 300 Indian rupees. "In a single year, the total sale of his semen comes to around ten million Indian rupees!"

The Babies Are Healthy…

The babies of Sultan are believed to be very healthy. The positive point is that the babies of Sultan do not drink alcohol and there can be nothing better than this.

The Video Reveals It All…

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    Story first published: Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 17:18 [IST]
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