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World Suicide Prevention Day: She Never Knew He Was In Pain

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Today, being the World Suicide Prevention Day, we share a real-life story of a friend who lost her friend.

In a post, on social media, she shared her experience...

"I knew him all my life - we were childhood friends. He was the most fun loving person in the room - always making everyone around him laugh and the first one to start dancing to Bollywood music at every party. He was intelligent, talented and a very loved person - but one fine day we woke up to the news that he had committed suicide.

He Hid His Emotions Behind That Smile

Most of us didn't even have an inkling of what he had been going through for months - he appeared to be as normal as any of us from the outside. People began to speculate that it was to do with his love life, or that he had other work challenges, but the truth is that it isn't one particular thing that results to depression. It's just a feeling of losing way, which could stem from absolutely anything.

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After he passed away, I asked my psychologist friend here to help me spread awareness about this 'invisible illness' that takes so many lives, without anyone else having even a hint of what is actually going on in the person's mind. We conduct events where we spread the message through art, poetry and music so that the youth understands our message.

Our message is simple - it is an illness that needs a doctor's help - just like any other disease. We want to remove the stigma that only 'mental' people go to counsellors and seek help. We lost our friend and we know how painful it still is - we don't want anyone else to feel that they have no way out. There is always a way out and it's okay to ask for help - all we want to give you, is the courage to ask."


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