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    Girl Took Snapchat Pics With Her Dead Boyfriend

    Being in love is the best feeling and everything seems to be perfect and things seem to fall in the right place. But what happens when you suddenly realise that you lost your partner forever?

    This may be a sudden shock when you wake up on a fine morning and realise that your love is no more in this world and the feeling is heart-breaking for sure!

    Girlfriend Who Played A Prank On Her Boyfriend About Her Own Murder

    This is what happened in this girl's case and she did the most dearest thing that her boyfriend loved doing and that was nothing but updating Snapchat pictures of them together...

    Here is their heart-wrenching story...


    The Pair Was Madly In Love…

    Valyrie Delos Santos and John Rey Sac Acayen were a young couple who were madly in love and they were inseparable. On a fine morning, Valyrie Delos Santos got a call from Jay's family and they broke the news of his death to her.


    She Thought It To Be A Prank…

    She thought it to be a prank, as she did not believe in whatever she heard. She went to his house and only realised that the news was true and she had lost her love forever. She wondered on how he could leave her and go without telling her a final goodbye.


    She Instead Did This…

    While she wept and cried near his coffin, she recalled on how much he loved clicking pictures with her on Snapchat. To hold on to the final memories, she took different filter pictures with him and it was heartbreaking.

    He Posted Pics Of A Cheating Girlfriend & It's Gone Viral!


    She Posted Them Online…

    She posted these pictures online and wrote a huge note dedicated to him, where she revealed on how much she loved him and these pictures were about sharing their last moments, as she wanted to save the last moments of them together of doing something that he loved the most.

    The Cause Of His Death…

    Check out her original post. The cause of his death was not revealed, but according to the post, it all happened suddenly.

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    Wish they had a little more time together...

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