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    Everything That You Need To Know About Kerala

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    Precisely known as God's own country, Kerala is one among the states which is known for its magical atmosphere, finger-licking cuisine, romantic weather, rustic charm and much more.

    The beauty of the state is so much that a survey conducted finds Kerala to be one of the best places to die in peace in India. Not to overlook, Kerala is one among the best honeymoon destinations in the nation.

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    Although Kerala is full of attractive places and stunning scenes, there are much more things to know about this evergreen state. If you're a Malayalee, you would love reading this article and if you're not, you would start loving Kerala from now!


    1.Largest Rubber Production

    With 5.45 acres of cultivated area in Kerala, this state is known to produce the largest amount of rubber in the country. 90 percent of the total production of rubber in the nation comes from Kerala. After Kerala, Tamil Nadu ranks second in rubber production.


    2.Highest Coconut-producing State

    Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are some of the states producing the highest number of coconuts in the country. What's more unusual about it? Among all these states, the highest number of coconut comes from the state of Kerala. With more than 90 percent of coconut coming from the state of Kerala, this state is now labelled as the highest coconut-producing state.


    3.Life Expectancy

    Normally, a life expectancy of a person in India ranges from 60-63 years. Well, there's an expectation because Kerala is the only state with the highest life expectancy in the country. According to the recent survey, it is said that the normal life expectancy of Malayalees is more than 70-74 years of age.


    4.Oldest Mosque In India

    Cheraman Juma Masjid is probably one of the oldest shrines in the country and is said to be the first mosque in India. Built by Arab propagator of Islam, Malik Deenar, this mosque was constructed in 629 AD in Methala, Kodungallur Taluk. The mosque has always remained a source of fascination and is one among the major lures of the place. The mosque is believed to have a lamp which burns forever and is more than thousand years old. Muslims or Non-Muslims, people from all the religions bring oil lamps as an offering.


    5.The Experience Of Backwaters

    The calm and serene beauty of the backwaters in India can only be experienced in Kerala and nowhere else. Kerala is the only destination in India which allows a person to lose themselves in the shallow forest with rich flora and fauna. While enjoying the shiny, sparkling and hush backwaters in Kerala, you can literally reconnect with nature here.

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    6.Delicious Cuisine From Kerala

    Unlike its neighborhood Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Kerala takes a pride in a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They have got prawns, king prawns, tiny prawns, oysters, tuna, red lobsters and much more! Ranging from traditional sadya to seafood and meat delicacies, Kerala is every food lover's paradise. The cuisine from Kerala is rather spicy and tangy and has a variety of different aromas, textures, and spices. Enjoying dosas with Kerala style sambhar is one among the most delicious food options in the list. Not to forget, tasting Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu, aka spicy chicken fry, served on a banana leaf will leave you craving for more!


    7.Largest Floating Solar Plant

    The construction of the biggest, largest and tallest solar floating plant in the country has been completed at the Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad. The massive plant floats on 6000 square meters on the water surface of the reservoir and is ready to provide energy, which is 100 Kwp big. The project is worth a whooping amount of Rs. 9.25 crores and took more than one and a half years to be completed.


    8.Elephants Are Considered To Be Divine

    Elephants form to be an integral part of the society and the ancient culture of Kerala. Titled as the state animal, elephants are also placed in the emblem of the Kerala government. Elephants are considered to be divine in Kerala and richly adorned elephants are used in festivals, temples, and many more places.


    9.Land Of The Heaviest Drinkers

    Not many of them are aware that Kerala is known as the land of heaviest drinkers in the country. Kerala ranks first with the highest alcohol consumption rate as compared to other states of India. According to the 2015-16 data, it is believed that a person drinks 8-9 litres of alcohol every year. Serving more than 1 lakh clients, Kerala has the highest number of bars in the state. Not to forget, land of the heaviest drinkers is also the land of the highest readers!

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    Story first published: Saturday, November 4, 2017, 19:15 [IST]
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