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    Story Of A Veteran Who Saved The Life Of An 8-Year-Old Girl

    How many of us do you think are capable of thinking at the right moment that can save a person's life in case of an emergency? Most of us usually get tensed, as our mind gets blocked to react at the right moment.

    But those who react and avoid things at the nick of time are real heroes. Here is a story of a 90-year-old man who saved the life of an 8-year-old girl by jumping in front of a fiery horse that could have trampled the little girl to death.

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    Read on to know more about what happened to John Shear after the incident...


    The Incident Happened 2 Years Back…

    John, who is 92 years old now, was a security guard at the Santa Anita racetrack in California. He was on his duty when the incident occurred. Though his age can shock many, John has always been strong and healthy, as he still goes to the gym at this age and exercises regularly.


    He Has Been Working In The Same Field For The Past 51 Years!

    John has been working as a security guard at the Santa Anita Racetrack for the past 51 years. Age is just a number for him, as he has been working hard on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On a certain day, while at work, he realised that a kid was in trouble and he jumped in to save the little girl's life, without thinking of another thing.


    A Horse Had Gone Crazy That Day...

    A horse race was set to begin and John was on his usual round of work. He was holding a rope across the paddock fence before the horses would be let out onto the track, as that was his work. The crowd was growing excited and anticipating the race that was mere seconds from beginning.


    He Realised Something Was Wrong That Day…

    On the fateful day, John heard a horrifying shriek from across the racetrack. When he turned around, he saw that a horse was let loose and running around wildly. He tried to warn people to get out of the way, but the crowd was huge and it was impossible for anyone to hear him.


    He Ran Towards The Horse To Only Realise…

    John ran toward the horse and as he got closer, he only realised that there was someone standing directly in the horse's path. He saw a little five-year-old girl named Roxy Key, who was unaware that she was about to be trampled.


    Her Father Froze At The Situation

    Roxy's father was standing closer to the herm but he froze at the situation and turned numb, as he could not move to save his kid even when he saw that danger was heading in his daughter's direction. So, John decided to jump in and he lunged to save the girl.


    He Saved The Little Girl But…

    Though John was successful in saving the little girl, he could not save himself from the fierce horse, as it attacked John and he was left with a brain hemorrhage. It was a bad scene, as he bled a lot and his condition seemed to be pretty serious.


    He Was Lucky As Paramedics Were Available…

    He was lucky enough as the paramedics were available at the scene and he was given medical aid instantly with the blood transfusion and other aids that he needed at the moment. John has really been a fighter, as he fought this battle and survived.


    He Met The Girl When He Recovered…

    The girl's parents arranged for a surprise visit of John, during a cultural event where he decided to surprise little Roxy while she performed. It was a sweet reunion, as the little girl teared up when she saw John after that very day.

    This story makes us realise that there are many heroes out there who are not appreciated often; however, their actions do speak louder than words.

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