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This Pakistani Man Has An Unbelievable Number Of 54 Kids & 6 Wives!

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Can you imagine of having a big family and then realise that people do have HUGE families than yours?

A truck driver from Pakistan is trying hard to meet his ends, as he has 54 children and 6 wives to look after!

This man is now 70 years old and yet is struggling to cope up with his daily life, as only one son of his is helping him in earning money.

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Read on to find out more.


The Family…

Abdul Majeed Mengal and his extraordinary family lives in a 7-room house, where the kids sleep separately with their respective mothers. The family is extremely poor and the kids need schooling too.


It Is Only He And His Eldest Son Who Are Earning…

Abdul Majeed Mengal and his eldest son Abdul, who is 34 years old, are the only earning members in the family. According to sources, 2 of his wives and 12 of his children had died, as he could not afford for medication to get them treated.

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His Earnings…

Abdul merely earns 10-15 rupees every month, which is not sufficient to support such a huge family. He claims that he wishes to educate all his children but it is not possible due to his financial condition.

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Image Credit: Cover Asia Press

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Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 10:03 [IST]
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