List Of Genetically Mutated Products

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Though genetic mutation is a vast subject and various things have been invented in this process, we are here to share the list of some of the genetically mutated products that we all have been using.

Check out the list of genetically mutated products that are doing the rounds in the market and the shocking part of this invention is that we have ended up using these products.

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Though these products have their own share of good and bad effects, it is important that we know about the list of these genetically mutated products!


Venomous Cabbage!

There have been reports of scientists from China who have managed to crossbreed the cabbage and scorpion genes to create this unique venomous cabbage. According to the scientists, any insect or pest that bites the cabbage tends to die instantly. There is no effect on humans is what they believe.


Vaccinated Bananas!

According to reports, scientists are experimenting with the banana saplings by injecting them with vaccines of Hepatitis B and Cholera into it. It is believed that in future, all that people need to do is eat a banana to prevent Hepatitis. How cool is that!


Purple Tomatoes!

In UK, scientists have been experimenting with tomatoes by adding Anthocyanin to them. This gives tomatoes a darker colour and reports claim that it helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells. In coming days we would start seeing purple tomatoes instead of red ones!


Square Watermelons!

These melons have taken off as a trend in countries such as Japan. But the sad news is that one cannot eat these melons as these are not edible but are only used for decoration. If you are wondering about how to grow these watermelons, then you need to let them grow inside a strong box!



Glofish was originally created to be a warning sign for pollution. To get these, scientists had to use the genes of natural Zebrafish and combine its DNA with Bioluminescent Jelly Fish. Since they are really pretty they have found a market in the pet industry.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 12:48 [IST]
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