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Indians Who Are Blessed With Super Powers

Most of us wish to have super powers and this feeling is something that we get after we watch the action-packed superhero movies. Don't we all wish we could be a batman or superman someday?

But do you know that there are many people out there who are blessed with super powers? No, this does not include possessing powers like the "Flying Jatt"! We are talking about reality here, people!

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There a few lucky superheros in our country who are blessed with certain powers, which we, mango people (aam aadmi), do not really possess. Oh, how we wish, we did!

So, check out the list of these super-powered humans.


Manoj Chopra

He is also known as 'the strongest man of India' and is the 14th strongest in the world. He is also called the "Chattisgarh Giant" and the "Bangalore Bhima." Apart from being the strongest man, Manoj is also a motivational speaker. He has also spoken at 3000 different schools worldwide and even conducted motivational programmes in over 40 different countries!


Priyanshi Somani

She is 18 years old and is also known as a Mental Calculator. She had participated in the Mental Calculation World Cup 2010, where she performed with 100% accuracy. Her name is also registered in the Limca World Records and also the Guinness Book of World Records. She holds a world record in 'Mental Square Roots'. Are you kidding me?


Jyothi Raj

He is a rock climber and a wall climber. He is known as "Kothi Raju" or "Monkey King". He had apparently scaled the entire Chitradurga Fort and that too without any harness! To get the perfect grip, he always rubs magnesium carbonate powder on to his palms.

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Raj Mohan Nair

He is also known as the 'Electric Man Of India'. He is known to do extraordinary things, as his body is immune to getting affected by high voltage. Apparently, his body can produce energy that can light a bulb. He is a human conductor and his body is like the main plug, which supplies electricity to bulbs and iron plates!


Akrit Jaswal

He started reading novels by Shakespeare when he was just 5! When he turned 7, he performed a surgery for a family who couldn't afford healthcare for their daughter. He is also the first kid who was admitted to a medical school in India at the age of 12 years. Apparently, he is currently doing a Master's degree in Applied Chemistry.


Nandana Unnikrishnan

She has always been a high functioning child who has autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). Apparently, she can sense the emotions and read her mother's thoughts. And guys, it's NO JOKE!


Velu Rathakrishnan

Velu Rathakrishnan is a truly blessed guy, as he has a superpower to pull trains weighing hundreds of tons using just his teeth! Yes, you read that right! Apparently, he got this superpower from a guru who taught him to focus and direct all of his power to a single part of his body. In the year 2003, he had pulled two KTM commuter trains that weighed 260.8 ton in total, to a distance of 13 feet 9 inch along the rails in the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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