Real-life Stories: They Feed On Rats For Survival!

A community from Bihar, India, is known to be still living in poverty, where the residents are believed to be eating rats for their survival!

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Though the Government claims that there is aid being provided to the these localities, they seem to continue to live in poverty and hard-to-imagine condition.

Here are some of the details of the bizarre practice of eating rats by these people...


It Takes 15 Minutes To Make The Rat Stew…

To kill the rat, they battle with it and pin it to the ground before they eventually manage to kill it with repeated blows to the rat's head, after which the locals of this community claim that it takes 15 minutes for them to make the rat stew.


About The Community

Musahars who are also known as the 'Rat Eaters' are one of India's most marginalised communities around the world. Reports claim that even the browbeaten low-caste Dalits look down on them for their bizarre lifestyle conditions.


Why Do They Eat Rats?

When media confronted a local as to what makes them eat rats, his answer left many surprised. He said: "We sit at home all day with nothing to do. Some days we get work at the farm, on other days we go hungry or catch rats and eat it with whatever little grain we can get."


The Minister Addressed

Former Chief Minister Manjhi had addressed the media and revealed about the state of the tribe. He said: "My community is so downtrodden that I think even government records don't yet show its real numbers, which could easily be around eight million."


They Do Not Wish To Change Their Lifestyle

The Musahars are quite adamant about making some lifestyle changes. They do not wish to change their lifestyles. The former Chief Minister Manjhi revealed: "Some from the older generation still eat rats because it is like any other food they have. Most of the younger generation don't eat it. Things have improved and will further change."

What do you think will change this community's practice of relishing rat meat? Will education help? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Sunday, December 17, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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