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Hilarious Things Only Indian Mums Can Say!

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A mother is the first love of her son and the first best friend of her daughter. Amidst this are our Indian mums who are from a different world all together!

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These are some of the most hilarious things that only an Indian mum can tell her kids. From being the most strict mother to being the most hilarious partner in crime, our mothers are the best things that have happened to us!

Here, we bring to you some of the things that only Indian mums can do and we bet, you would relate to everything that is mentioned below.

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PS: We bet you would have a hearty laugh at the end of the article...


“Where, When, How??”

This is the most common question your mother would ask you when you inform her about your travel plans. They do not agree to them immediately, as they care a little more than required!


“Nazar Lag Gayi!!” (Someone's cast evil eyes on you!)

Ayee, hayee! Everytime you fall ill or cough, the first thing she would tell you is this! There would be a little prayer that she would pray for you and we bet she would be worried about you until you're all fine!

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“Maine Tere Liye Mannat Mangi Thi” (And the countless prayers they do for us)

This is a typical emotional dialogue our mothers would use. This is done to make the children feel guilty when they are doing something that she does not support of!


“Eat Some More... You Have Gone Thin!!”

When kids start dieting and maintain their physique, mums are the best to spoil it with their delicious "desi ghee ke parathe" and yummy food. When you are having your meal, you are served an extra hot roti, which makes you give up your dieting totally!

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“Mera Chintuu... Tinkuuu” (The not-so-interesting names they call you with. “Heard enough of it, mom)

We all have had the most embarrassing pet names in our childhood. We bet most of us wish to erase them off our list, as we do not wish to be called "Chintuu, Tinku or Bunty" in front of our friends!


“Tune Khana Khaya”? (Again, the same old did-you-eat-anything question)

Goshhh!! Dear mum! We do not starve ourselves and do have our meals on time! Yes, there are times that we do miss, but this does not mean that you start the conversation with food. (P.S: We however love it when you ask, but act as rebels)

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“Go Ask Your Dad”

Every time you needed something, you would approach your mum, but have you realised once you approach your dad, he tells the same and alas, you are in a loop of convincing each of them!


“Jhuut Mat Bol”!! (For heaven's sake, why do mums feel we're such big liars)

They would hear the entire story and even act as if they have believed it. Once we are done with our imaginary story, she looks straight into our eyes and says the very same thing! Damn! We can never fool you, maa...


“Jab Tum Bade Ho Jaoge” (Ok already, we know we learn a lot about life once we're old, don't keep telling it again and again)

You are bribed with this sentence and are asked to wait a little longer to get it. It is also used in a sarcastic way when they tell you to become a parent and you'll know how difficult life is!

These are some of the most common things that our mums would tell us. Be it anything mom, we just love you!

Let us know if there are any other mummy dialogs that can be added to this. Feel free to comment at the comment section below.

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