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It's Been 20 Years & Her Dad Continues To Wear The Same Shirt!

Sometimes, we love something so specially that we cannot let go of it for years! These dear things generally have memories related to them.

One such incident is of a young woman who shared the story of her dad. She mentioned that her dad wore the same shirt for 20 long years! Everytime she saw her dad, she saw him in the same shirt!

Read on this beautiful piece which is going viral for all the heart-touching reasons!


She Is Ria…

The girl who shared this story is Ria. She shared the heartbreaking reason on her Twitter handle by posting pics of her dad wearing an old polo T-shirt, which had been weathered from two decades of use.


She Made A Surprising Discovery

While Ria was clearing out her grandfather's home, after his death, she found a blissful snap of her parents when they were on their honeymoon - and in this, her father was seen in the very same shirt she had grown up watching him wear!


Her Mum Had Passed Away…

Apparently, it was 18 years since her mum had passed away and everything suddenly made sense to her after she found that her grieving father kept the shirt as a precious reminder of the woman he loved.


She Shared Her Parents' Pic Of Their Honeymoon…

She revealed, "I wondered why he kept on wearing that old polo shirt." She shared old pics of the young couple wearing matching T-shirts, and a picture of the current time, where her dad is seen wearing the very same polo T-shirt.


The World Went Crazy…

When she shared her story, the world went crazy and her post went viral in a very short span of time. We must say, certain feelings and emotions can never be expressed through words.

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