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The Gap Between Your Legs Tells A Lot About Your Relationship!

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Eating Habits Reveal Personality | खाने की आदतें बताती है आपका स्वभाव | Boldsky

There are different ways as to how a person can analyse others' personality and one such trick is by looking at the gap between the legs, which is known to predict details of your personality, especially about your love life!

Well, it is true! According to a research, the shape of a woman's legs can tell you how she'd behave in bed.

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These analyses are based on understanding the human anatomy and behaviour. So, check out what does the shape of your legs reveals about your personality and the gap between your legs tells about you...


Type A

If the legs have only one gap between them (just like the picture), it means that the woman is more comfortable when she would be on bed. They are very gentle and their tenderness and femininity attracts men easily. They are also said to be very shy.

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Type B

If the woman's legs touch each other at the ankles, then it is believed that these women would like to acquire new experiences in life. They like the element of the game in intimate relationships. On the other hand, they are brave and adventurous as well.


Type C

If the thighs are close to each other and yet the tibias do not touch (as in the picture), it means that the women are usually very gentle and romantic. But when they are given the lead, they'd love to turn into wild cats.


Type D

If the woman's legs touch each other at the upper thighs, and at the knees, calves and even at the ankles, the woman tends to behave traditionally on bed. Such women would hate to experiment too much, yet they support their partners if they wish to try something new.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 10:08 [IST]
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