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    Weird Things That Our Ancestors Used To Do All The Time

    There are many things that makes one realise history should be left untouched at times, as certain practices from the past can cringe your stomach once you get to know of these.

    As people believe that sometimes history is best left untouched or when it remains only as history, only then are we glad that these practices are not followed anymore. It would totally gross out the current generation once you get to know of it.

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    Here are examples of certain creepy practices that were practiced in the past and it makes us realise how could our ancestors even practice something as bizarre as this!

    So, check out on some of the most bizarre things that our ancestors followed back then.


    When You Sleep Twice A Day!

    According to historians, sleeping twice a day was common in the olden days. Sleeping twice a day was known as biphasic sleep. Apparently, they would go to sleep from sunset up until about midnight, after which they would rise for anywhere from two to three hours. The second round of sleep would be afterwards, as they would go back to sleep until the sun came up.


    Smoking In Planes Was Cool

    It is said that smoking on airplanes or in public places was cool. It is revealed that it was completely legal and also encouraged to smoke in these locations. Sounds bizarre, right? Now, this is considered as highly offensive and one that can break the law!

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    When Beauty Products Were Made Using Radioactive Ingredients

    Back then beauty products were made using radioactive ingredients. Apparently, people believed that radiation was a good thing. According to sources, it was even possible to purchase beauty products from grocery stores and other drinks and food that contained thorium and radium.


    The High Heels!

    High heels back then were called "chopines". During the 15th and 17th centuries, women used 20-inch-high platformed shoes that were a fashion statement back then. The main purpose was to help the wearer avoid getting the clothes muddy.


    The Bathing Machine

    During the 18th and 19th centuries bathing in public was not allowed. The person had to use a "bathing machine," which would be pulled out into the water, so you could take a dip without anyone seeing you swim. It was used to protect the woman's reputation.

    Image Courtesy: Wikicommon

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