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Amazing Beautiful Things That Exist On Earth

The world is a mysterious place and finding things around us can make us feel how beautiful the universe is. From the rainbow becoming colourless to thousands of crabs or swans migrating, watching these things is said to be quite mesmerising.

There are many more such beautiful things that can make you go "wow".

To brighten your day, we've shared some of the most unique natural phenomena that make us realise how beautiful the earth is.

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Check out these interesting and unique beautiful things happening around us and decide for yourself!


Living Rocks

These are sea creatures that are totally immobile and look like rocks. It is often found in dense aggregations of Chile and Peru.

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Rainbow Trees

An Australian eucalyptus, deglupta is known as the rainbow eucalyptus, rainbow gum or even as Mindanao gum. These are tall trees and popular for their unique multi-hued colours.


Bleeding Glacier

This is also known as ‘blood falls'. The iron oxide causes the outflowing water to resemble that of the colour of blood in Antarctica.


White Rainbows

When a rainbow is seen with much weaker colours, it can appear white. This is produced by the tiny water droplets of fog. This looks like a beautiful arched fog!


Crab Migration

Each year, more than 120 million red crabs make their way into the ocean on Christmas Island. This mass migration of crabs happens as the crabs need to lay their eggs in the ocean.


Black Sun

This is a natural phenomenon that happens in the marshlands in southwestern Jutland, Denmark. One can see the migration of European Starling Birds migrate every spring in Denmark. This takes place hours just after the sunset.


Blue Lava

This unique phenomenon of blue lava flowing out happens in Indonesia. This lava bursts so fast and it gets exposed to the oxygen present in air that the sulphur burns readily and in such high temperature, it turns blue.


Flowering Desert

Can you imagine a desert that has flowers? This kind of a rare desert can be found in Chile. It is a climatic phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama Desert. These deserts in Chile sprout flowers after heavy rains.


Danxia Landforms

These landforms are amazingly beautiful. This is due to the unique type of petrographic geomorphology found in China. These stunning sandstone mountains and hills are just a colourful beauty that makes us feel how truly beautiful mother nature is!


The Monarch Butterfly Migration

This is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. This migration takes place across the United States and Mexico. It begins in September and October when the butterflies migrate in huge packs. The butterflies start their return trip in March and it goes on until July.

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Story first published: Friday, June 16, 2017, 12:55 [IST]
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