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Why Do People Throw Rice In Weddings?

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Marriages are all about following various customs and rituals and finding about some of the rituals being practiced can make us wonder as to why are they even followed. One such ritual people throwing rice grains on newlyweds.

Have you ever wondered why people throw rice on newlyweds? Are there any specific reasons for which people practice this age-old ritual? Well, we are here to discuss just that!

Find out about the reasons and significance of this rice throwing ritual, which most of us blindly follow.

Though the pictures of rice being thrown are something that we all look for, knowing the exact reason for it also becomes important. So, check out these reasons that show the significance of this popular practice!


Reason #1

It was first practiced in ancient Rome. This tradition symbolises warm wishes of abundance of the things that are needed in life, like food and prosperity to the newly married couples.


Reason #2

It was also done to wish the bride and groom fertility and plenty of good luck in their future life.


Reason #3

Following the practice of throwing rice, people in different parts of the world like Morocco gather around to toss raisins and figs as well at the couples to ensure a fruitful union. Strange, isn't it?


Reason #4

In India, the culture has been followed by throwing rice that is coloured with turmeric. The beliefs are same, and the couples are wished good luck and prosperity with this ever popular trend.


Reason #5

In France, following the same practice, people throw wheat too on the newlyweds.


Alternate For Rice

Since rice is quite slippery, people opt for sunflower seeds or bird seeds. Of late, people have started throwing eggs at the newlyweds or blowing bubbles as well. As strange as it gets, it sure is fun for the others. So, which one would you opt for in your wedding?

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 11:52 [IST]
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