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What Do Moles On Your Body Indicate

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We all have moles in some or the other part of our body. Some add on to our beauty while there are a few which you only wish were never there, as they can cause a great deal of embarrassment. Could moles predict something? Could moles indicate wealth?

Do you know that some of the moles do indicate wealth and prosperity? Well, yes they do. These are the marks that are believed to be associated with an individual's personality and his/her future.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some knowledge on moles that are related to wealth and prosperity.

Do you know that the size, depth, colour and brightness of the mole influences the future life as well? Well, it is said to be true.

So, find out about the moles that you need to be proud of, by scrolling below.


On The Right Cheek

A small, sharp but dark-coloured mole will indicate that the person would get rich after wedding. Now, this is what moles present on certain body parts indicate!


On Lips

People who are born with moles on their lips tend to enjoy wealth, since the time they are born. But, according to a few theories, it is believed that people who have moles on their lips are stubborn.


On The Nose

If a person has a mole on his/her right side of the nose, then the person is surely going to be rich. He/she may travel the world and may taste success after marriage.


On The Sole

It is said that people who have moles on their soles are said to be big-time travellers. Though they travel a lot, this may mainly include travelling for vacations or holidays alone.


On The Waist

It is considered to be really lucky if you have a mole on your waist, as it is a sign of prosperity and wealth. But, on the contrary, it also indicates that you might remain unsatisfied for the major part of your life.


On The Third Eye

If a person has a mole on the third eye region, then it means that he/she would have a well-settled life and enjoy various travelling pursuits. They would always have more than enough wealth.


On The Right Palm

It is said that if one has a mole on the upper half of the palm, then he/she would taste wealth and success at a very early stage in his/her life.


On The Chin

People who have a mole on the chin are not considered sociable even when they are wealthy and rich. They can only socialise to survive and they have a very small circle of friends whom they would trust mostly.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 18:20 [IST]
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